It’s a numbers affair for our latest review, as the multipurpose outlet is at the beautiful One World Hotel, and it’s called Be@Two, an admittedly curious name. But as it’s located on level two of the well-known hotel, we could at least figure out the reasoning.

Be@Two boasts a spacious interior well-suited to dining or events


Clean and contemporary… and note that giant LED screen!


We didn’t quite know what to expect at Be@Two, but after a most enjoyable evening there with a procession of delectable dishes that was fairly close to perfection, we had only good things to say about the place. If you want something unique, memorable, and exceptionally tasty, well… we can only recommend that you, well… Be@Two.

True, we may not be sure about the name, but we were dazzled by the space. Chic, appealing, and spacious, Be@Two is not your ordinary restaurant. It’s a chameleon-like space that effortlessly transforms to cater to almost anything you need it to be. It’s perfectly fine for a quiet dinner or a quick lunch, of course, but what’s special about this place is that it can be so much more.


The outdoor space offers plenty of flexibility for events


Imagine your next private soirée here!


Whether you’re in the mood for a sizzling birthday bash, a professional corporate training session, a memorable anniversary soirée, or a glamorous wedding extravaganza, we reckon this place can do it all, while easily accommodating up to 150 of your nearest and dearest. Floor-to-ceiling windows let in loads of natural light and afford views of the beautiful outdoor space that’s also part of the outlet. A huge 17-by-10-foot LED screen ensures an immersive and engaging visual feast for events, and there’s even a small stage – perfect for some live entertainment.

We were genuinely impressed with the lovely space – both indoor and outdoor – but would the food deliver? Happily, every dish exceeded our expectations. The current menu here is fairly short, but we don’t mind that at all – “do a little and do it well” always works for us. The menu comprised just five starters, five dishes off the snack menu, and nine mains. If you’re an indecisive diner who’s crippled by those in-depth eight-page menus, this is your kind of place!


A fantastic start to the meal!


Our mains began with the Martiko ‘Jamon De Pato’ French Baguette (RM40), which is sliced French baguette topped beautifully with Ibérico duck ham, muskmelon salsa, sweet potato chips, and arugula leaves. (If you find yourself having to look up what, exactly, a ‘muskmelon’ is, fear not – we did, too – it’s very similar to a cantaloupe, or rock melon.) Whatever we expected when we ordered this, the dish that appeared amazed us. Beautifully photogenic, this was a delicious and rather unique way to start our meal.


Martiko ‘Jamon De Pato’ French Baguette


The delectable Deep-fried Calamari


From the starters and snacks menus, we opted for the Deep-Fried Calamari (RM48) and Moules Marinieres (RM68), a generous serving of French mussels in a mouth-watering white wine sauce. Made with Chardonnay, chives, and dashi, these super-fresh air-flown mussels were an absolute revelation… easily among the best we’ve sampled in years. When it comes to seafood in general, and things like mussels in particular, you have to insist on the height of freshness, and that’s exactly what we got. These were absolutely delicious, and for a moment we thought about ordering some fresh bread to mop up all that incredible sauce… but we still needed to save some room.


Moules Marinieres – an instant favourite!


The food kept coming, of course, including a Soft Shell Crab Brioche (RM48) and a Smoked Duck Carbonara (RM42), both of which we loved. We think the brioche bun might have worked better toasted, but it was a very tasty sandwich nevertheless, and the carbonara was absolutely flavour-packed. We completely enjoyed them both.


Soft-Shell Crab Brioche


The scrumptious Smoked Duck Carbonara


In fact, there really wasn’t a single misfire among the various dishes we selected; the food here is outstanding. Dessert lovers will be happy to head over to the well-stocked dessert case and select a sweet treat. We opted for a couple of the small cakes, but there are pastries and other delights to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.


Red Velvet Cake


Opera Cake


And just look at these gorgeous raspberry pastries!


The fruit-based drinks and smoothies we tried were superb, too, and in our view, represent a far better value than paying the same price – about RM20 or so – for a soda. On that point, the menu’s prices for sodas and beers were eye-popping, but the food prices were modest and all prices are nett, which is something we always like. (However, there’s a special promo going on now… just keep reading.) We also found the service to be friendly and attentive, but never intrusive.


Looks tasty, eh?


So if you’re around One World Hotel, be sure to check out Be@Two. It’s great for a casual and very tasty meal, but we think this space would really come into its own for curated private events, and hope to put that to the test ourselves soon!

And as for that promo…


A 50% savings on drinks (non-alcoholic) is a great bargain!


Location & Details

One World Hotel
First Avenue, Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama
47800 Petaling Jaya

T: 03.7712 2229 or 03.7681 1111


The Smoked Duck Carbonara was a big hit at our table


We couldn’t get enough of the grassy space outside!