Meltz offers a diverse menu with Marlon Brando casting his watchful gaze on patrons here.


For the Carnivores

The Carnivore Hot Dog (RM18), with an 8-inch, 120-gram sausage, half-beef, half-chicken, soaked in beef & cheese sauce with turkey bacon, served with optional onion rings. While hot dogs are generally known to be a guilty pleasure, everything from the meat to the bun on this plate tasted over-processed, evoking more guilt than pleasure.

Meltz-at-Subang-Restaurant-Review3 Meltz-at-Subang-Restaurant-Review4

Chocolate & Butterscotch Fondue

Meltz’s ‘fondue’ (RM29) misses the mark too – the chocolate sauce is cloying, the butterscotch sauce seems strangely sourish, the fruits prove listless & the marshmallows & brownies feel like empty calories.

Meltz-at-Subang-Restaurant-Review5 Meltz-at-Subang-Restaurant-Review6

The Waffogato

Props to Meltz for doing some things differently nevertheless – the Waffogato (RM17) is an intriguing cross between a waffle & an affogato, though it scores primarily for novelty value. Note: Our visits to both Meteora & Meltz were several months back, so the menus & prices here might have matured since then.

Meltz-at-Subang-Restaurant-Review7 Meltz-at-Subang-Restaurant-Review8

Fruit Smoothies

Kiwi fruit smoothies (RM8) & coffee, maybe not the main reasons to make it to Meltz. Again, this is a place we wish we could be more enthusiastic about – it’s another welcoming cafe that’s eager to please, & we would have liked to endorse its offerings.

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Location and Contact Details:


Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-1130pm

Tel: 6013 207 6013

Open Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-1130pm

Find: Contact details and map for Meltz here.