Here’s where cafe-hopping takes on a whole new meaning. It had to happen: The Klang Valley now has a rabbit cafe, where cake-&-coffee lovers can cuddle up to furry, carrot-chomping cuties.

1 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe

Hop Hop, run by a cheerfully young & affable team, is split into a typical cafe space & a special grassy, glass-sealed room where several bunnies (nearly 10, for now) lie calmly in wait for the inevitable human invasion.

2 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe

Note the house rules. Meanies will not be tolerated, so be as gentle as, well, a rabbit. Customers are also not supposed to bring food & beverages into the rabbit section.

3 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe

Which will prove more popular: Rabbit cafes or cat cafes? We love Bugs, but we wonder whether we should bet on the felines.

4 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe


Food isn’t an afterthought at Hop Hop; even if you’re not a fan of rabbits, it’s worth coming here for the cake selection, which ranges from a well-executed banoffee pie (RM7.50) …

5 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe

… to this rich caramel peanut cake (RM10 per piece). Naturally, carrot cakes are available too (with cream cheese & walnuts).

6 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe


Hop Hop’s interpretation of S’mores (RM15.50), served fresh & warm with Nutella, is a guilty pleasure.

7 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe

Fries With Baked Cheese and Meat

Savoury fare is offered as well; know-it-alls will be anxious to point out that the Dog Bowl of fries topped with cheese & meat (RM10) is evocative of what a certain restaurant at Aman Suria serves. Pasta, wild mushroom soup & herb-crusted onion rings are among the other potential orders.

8 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe


Sumatran, Ethiopian & Brazilian beans form the foundation for Hop Hop’s three-continental coffee blend.

9 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe

Maybe we should request rabbit-themed latte art next time? Could be fun.

10 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe

Wrapping up with Hop Hop’s Milo Milo, a mix of hot chocolate & coffee.

11 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe

Final Thoughts on Hop Hop Cafe

By the way, Hop Hop is a pet-friendly place, so feel free to bring canine buddies here. The outlet also provides support for animal rescue programmes; visit them to find out more.

Location and Operating Hours

Hop Hop Cafe

7 Jalan SS18/6, Subang Jaya, Selangor

Daily, 7am till at least 10pm

View Hop Hop Cafe’s directory page here.

12 Hop Hop Rabbit Cafe
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