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Meet the Maki Masters: MakeMaki marks the funky new enterprise by the bunch behind Changkat’s Daikanyama, conveniently offering creative rolls for office and home delivery.

Tempura-Filled Rolls

Place an order and within an hour, this “Bruce Lee” maki, made with brown rice, tempura prawns, pickled radish and tempura sauce should be sped to your doorstep.Make Maki Deliveries_2

“Nusantara” Maki

Rumor has it that the ever-delicious Daikanyama is exploring some sort of collaboration with the always-sensationall Simply Mel’s, so it’s no surprise that this “Nusantara” maki features a spicy Gula Melaka glaze to complement tempeh and crunchy veggies.

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“Sidestep Gingerly”

“Sidestep Gingerly” (gotta love these names): Soft-shell crab with ginger and tomatoes.Make Maki Deliveries_4

“Caesar Go Edo”

Grilled teriyaki chicken with “Shogun” sauce. MakeMaki’s rolls taste very nice; we feared they’d turn soggy too soon, but each one still felt satisfyingly fresh. Make Maki Deliveries_5


Customers can customize their own makis; here’s our personalized creation, a meatless marvel of avocado, takuan, apple and panko crumbs with garlic and sesame sauces, wrapped tightly in rice paper.Make Maki Deliveries_6

“The Italian Job”

Or stick to MakeMaki’s safe selection, including “The Italian Job,” comprising cream cheese, tomato and basil in balsamic dressing. Each roll costs RM12.Make Maki Deliveries_7

Finishing with “Fiddlesticks:” Jicama, apple, cucumber, kanpyo. Other possible components for MakeMaki’s rolls include salmon, tuna, beef bacon, smoked duck, tamagoyaki and potato crisps.Make Maki Deliveries_8

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