Riding proudly into the heart of Taman Tun, The Grumpy Cyclist began wheeling out coffee & cakes this week, putting no brakes on the breakneck spread of cafes in this neighbourhood.

1 The Grumpy Cyclist

The Grumpy Cyclist fails to live up to the first half of its name: The team that steers this space is cheerful, not cranky, creating a welcoming eatery where pedal-powered patrons might feel particularly at home.

2 The Grumpy Cyclist

Plenty of room within for folks to stow their bicycles; if rumours are to be believed, The Grumpy Cyclist even furnishes shower facilities so that sweaty riders can freshen up.

3 The Grumpy Cyclist

More gossip & speculation: The Grumpy Cyclist seems to be backed by a fair number of investors; one of its key operators could be the communications director of government economic unit Pemandu. And for some cafe observers, there are scintillating links to other familiar names: a Cyclist co-owner might be the brother-in-law of the founder of Lids & Finch, while a barista here is believed to be one of the pioneering men behind Podgy & The Banker’s counter.

4 The Grumpy Cyclist


But while the tangled threads of fact & fiction make The Grumpy Cyclist’s origin hopelessly murky for now, what’s irrefutable is the sense of rascally humour that reigns here, from the cash-hungry message on top of the tip jar to the names for the cakes that form the only food offered here so far.

5 The Grumpy Cyclist

Fresh, moist & creamy; still, we wish cafes would try to rely less on the ubiquitous tropes of red velvets & chocolate brownies.

6 The Grumpy Cyclist


No serious complaints about the coffee & other beverages here.

7 The Grumpy Cyclist

Final Thoughts

Based on the crowds that have started thronging this spot in recent days, The Grumpy Cyclist has heaps to be happy about.

8 The Grumpy Cyclist

“Get a bicycle. You will certainly not regret it, if you live.” – Mark Twain

9 The Grumpy Cyclist

The Grumpy Cyclist is now open 8am-8pm; hours will be extended through 11pm by next week.

10 The Grumpy Cyclist

Location Details

The Grumpy Cyclist TTDI

36, Jalan Datuk Sulaiman, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur. Beside Namaste

View The Grumpy Cyclist’s directory page here.

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