Throughout the month of March, Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar South, and Kota Kinabalu’s SOULed Out outlets, as well as Bangsar Shopping Center’s WIP and WIP On The Park at Marc Residences are curating a St. Patrick’s experience not to be missed!

Featuring themed cuisine infused with the world’s most loved stout, Guinness, the vibe of St. Patrick’s will be held true at these locations that boast ample open-air dining, stringent SOPs, and fully vaccinated staff so guests can enjoy a day or night out without worry.

SOULed OUT St. Patrick’s Poster


Beer Can Spring Chicken

Punters, be prepared to tease your tastebuds with seasonal offerings like the Beer Can Spring Chicken –  whole roasted spring chicken brined in Guinness accompanied with tangy mango salsa, crispy pumpkin fritters and Guinness-infused BBQ sauce for RM28++. Traditionalists can get the Guinness Beef Stew and hearty vegetables served with mushroom and chickpea ragout on toasted sourdough for RM30++.

Guinness Beef Stew
st patrick's fish n chips
Guinness Battered Fish & Chips

On the other side, pescatarians and seafood lovers can dig into the Guinness Battered Fish & Chips. Showcasing a dense and robust Threadfin Fish, moist sweetness with a touch of Guinness to the batter results in an extra crispy bite, coupled with hot chips, guacamole, coleslaw, and Guinness-infused tartare sauce – priced at RM40++.

st patrick's popcorn chicken
Leprechaun Popcorn Chicken

Pub snack aficionados will be treated to the Leprechaun Popcorn Chicken (RM18++) at SOULed OUT outlets, (RM24++) at WIP outlets – bite-sized morsels of Guinness-brined chicken fried until golden and accompanied by a corn tortilla cup, zucchini chips, and Guinness tartare sauce.

st patrick's
Guinness Float

To wash down all the tantalising goodness, the Guinness Float (RM21++ at SOULed OUT outlets and RM25++ at WIP outlets)! A delicious combo of Guinness Draught and Häagen-Daz vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup, resulting in the perfect dessert-inspired cocktail. For larger groups, the Guinness Lychee Shooters – fun-sized concoctions of Guinness liquorice syrup, lychee, Malta, and whipped cream topping in a set of 10 shots for RM30++.

st patrick's
Guinness Lychee Shooters

Also available from now until March 31st, a pair of quirky limited edition Guinness party glasses for every two sets of Guinness ordered (5 mugs for RM70++) at WIP and three pints or five mugs at RM68++ at SOULed OUT outlets.

Don your best green gear and let the party begin!

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