Helmed by husband-&-wife team Yang & Donut, Boran aims to channel a sense of Thailand’s charm through its street fare; lined with vintage-style signs from Bangkok, this casual spot serves soul food inspired by Donut’s home province of Chonburi.






A Menu of Fairly Priced, Fulfilling Meals

Yang & Donut have crafted a compact menu of fairly priced, fulfilling meals – try the protein platters, from grilled pork neck (RM14.90 for about 200 grammes, succulent from a 16-hour sous-vide preparation) to creamy, lightly battered quail eggs (RM3.90 for seven slices) to crispy-juicy chicken wings, deliciously seasoned & deftly deep-fried (RM10.90 for six pieces).




Single-Portion Offerings

For single-portion offerings, Boran’s specialities span bowls of noodles & plates of rice, both with pork. The classic soups – sufficient for a snack – comprise a choice of Thai noodles or mee hoon in a mild-flavoured recipe that Boran recommends punching up with a spoonful of fish sauce & vinegar, plus a dash of chilli powder & sugar (RM4.90 per bowl). For something more substantial, there’s rice with a freshly fried egg & either stir-fried garlic pork or basil minced pork (RM7.90 per plate).





Desserts hit the mark, with the Red Ruby (RM6; lots of crunchy water chestnut cubes & honey jackfruit slices in coconut milk) & Grass Jelly (RM4.50; served with crushed ice & Thai red sugar) delivering a refreshing boost. Singha beer is available, as is Boran’s own-made milk tea, thick & tasty without being cloying. Many thanks to this friendly new restaurant for having us here.





Location and Contact Details

Boran Classic Thai Street Food

25G Jalan 21/11A, Seapark

Open Tues-Sun, 1130am-230pm, 530pm-9pm

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