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Returning to Soba Kuroha. Earlier entry: July 25th.


A salad with a surprise: ‘sansai’ mountain veggies dressed in wasabi sauce that packs a (much) more-powerful-than-expected punch.Soba Kuroha_2

What to pair with salt-pickled bonito guts? Why, cream cheese, of course. Nope, not overkill.Soba Kuroha_3

‘Itawasa,’ the traditional recipe of ‘kamaboko’ cured fish loaves, sliced and served with a sticky dip.Soba Kuroha_4


Pork belly with cabbage. Satisfying simplicity. Soba Kuroha_5

Japanese or French? Whichever, it’s wonderful at Kuroha: Rustic pork liver paste with baguette.Soba Kuroha_6

Grilled ox tongue with miso sauce, juicy-springy enough to satisfy.Soba Kuroha_7


Ugly Fish alert! Seasoned loach cooked with egg in hot pot. Tastes like it looks.Soba Kuroha_8

Herring boiled in sweetened soy sauce. Also not the prettiest fish in the ocean. Soba Kuroha_9


We’re shallow and superficial: We prefer this lovely-looking sashimi.Soba Kuroha_10


Mugi and Imo shochu, alongside Gin Tonic and Bombay Sapphire.Soba Kuroha_11Soba Kuroha_12


Location and Contact Details:

Soba Kuroha,
7-G, Jalan 19/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6201-6882
Open for dinner, except Sundays.


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