Check out Meteora, a cafe with some interesting ideas in Subang, where customers consume cakes, churros & coffee under the inscrutable stares of Audrey Hepburn & Uma Thurman.

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Good ‘ol Breakfast

Variations on a theme: Toast with corned beef, sunny-side-up, onions & potatoes (RM13.90) & with beef bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese & mushrooms (RM14). Easy to enjoy, but easy for kitchen-equipped folks to execute at home at a curtailed cost.

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Exotic Buns & Burgers

Meteora gets creative with some of its burgers, especially an Indian-inspired one with tandoori chicken, mint sauce, cucumber, onions & papadum (RM12.90, with RM3.50 surplus for potato wedges) that shares the menu with beef burgers topped with tomato relish, gherkins & caramelised onions, though the buns taste a tad dehydrated & the patties seem under-seasoned.

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Churros & Pancakes

Churros & pancakes on one platter (RM11.90), a nice touch in theory, but the churros could be fresher & the pancakes fluffier.

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Cheese Cake Quenelles

The disconnect between design & delivery dampens Meteora’s desserts as well – cheese cake quenelles cushioned with cookie crumbs & crowned with salted caramel drizzle, served in a glass (RM9) sound like a deconstructed delight, but the substance is sapped of fun & flavour, a description that may extend to the cakes too. But we have to thank them for trying.


The Perfect Hangout

Meteora is a very friendly neighbourhood hangout nonetheless; perhaps order a coffee & play a card game with your buddies.

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Location and Contact Details


54, Jalan USJ 9/5p, Subang Business Centre, Selangor

Tel: 6012 940 2001

Open Sunday-Thursday, 11am-11pm; Friday-Saturday, 11am-1am


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