Every neighbourhood could use a nice little cafe where folks who live or work nearby can stroll in, feel welcome & escape for awhile over coffee & pastries. This month, the residents of OUG & Bukit Jalil will welcome two such places: Butter + Beans & The Owls Cafe, both within a 10-minute drive from each other.


Run by High School Buddies

Butter + Beans At OUG is set to officially open Saturday, Aug. 16. This licensed spin-off from Section 17’s popular Butter + Beans is run by high school buddies Sau Jin & Ken, who are taking a leap of faith from the white-collar worlds of petroleum engineering & hedge funds respectively to enter the universe of serving coffee.


More Spacious Setting

This new chapter of Butter + Beans transplants the signature charm of the PJ original into a more spacious setting, complete with comfy cushions & a feel-good vibe encouraged by the easy-going team here. It remains a work in progress; Butter + Beans’ signature ‘bear’ mural is still to come, along with other touches to supply this venue with its own distinctive identity.


Two Attention-Grabbing Blasts From the Past

Butter + Beans sits on a street that might be older than many cafe-hoppers, so it seems fitting that this outlet houses two attention-grabbing blasts from the past: a decades-old cash register & radio, salvaged from Ken’s father’s Petaling Street shop.


Come In, the Coffee’s Fine

Come in, the coffee’s fine: The baristas currently rely on a blend of Brazilian, Colombian, Indonesian & Papua New Guinean, crafted with the sort of care that reflects well on the brand of Butter + Beans. Pastries & cakes will be available by this weekend (though if customers want to risk coming here today before the formal opening, they might get lucky)


Location and Contact Details

Butter + Beans At OUG

53 Jalan Hujan Rahmat 3, Taman Overseas Union Garden

Find Butter + Beans At OUG’s directory listing here.

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