This no-frills venue could be worth a visit for various traditional Thai noodles not often seen in many of the Klang Valley’s restaurants.

1. Thai by Thai8. Thai by Thai

Traditional Thai noodles

Chef Nok hails from Chiang Mai, so the top temptation here is her city’s beloved khao soi gai (RM8.90), a mix of vermicelli and crispy noodles with a chicken drumstick and shallots in a light but satisfyingly fragrant curry.

2. Thai by Thai - khao soi gai

The yen ta fo (RM8.90) is enjoyable enough too, with wide rice noodles immersed in broth made pinkish with preserved bean curd paste, its fermented flavour balanced with fish cakes, squid, tofu and veggies; it takes a few spoonfuls to acquire this taste, but it’s worth persevering.

3. Thai by Thai - yen ta fo

Thai By Thai also offers a simplified rendition of khanom jeen (RM8.90), turning it into a laksa that pairs a plate of dry noodles with green curry chicken, sliced long beans and pickled mustard greens, to be mixed up and consumed together.

4. Thai by Thai - khanom jeen

You’ll also find everything from lad na (noodles in gravy) to kuay tiew nuer (noodles with beef) here, but for our final order, we couldn’t resist our favourite Pad Thai – the restaurant does a decent version; the prawns could be fresher, but for RM9.90, it’s not a bad bet.

5. Thai by Thai - lad na 6. Thai by Thai - pad thai 7. Thai by Thai - 9. Thai by Thai

Location & Details

Thai By Thai Restaurant Petaling Jaya New Town

10, Jalan 52/18, Section 52, Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Facing Menara MBPJ.

Mon-Sat, 11am-10pm.

Tel: 03-7931-4501

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