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As one of the world’s most beloved and varied cuisines, Italian food can be found in virtually every corner of the globe. But too often it’s just a pale imitation of the real thing: a few pasta dishes with prepared sauces poured over them and passed off as Italian cuisine.

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Fortunately, residents in Kuala Lumpur don’t have to suffer such indignities when they crave authentic Italian food as there are a number of great restaurants here helmed by actual Italians, serving actual Italian cuisine. One such place is Vineria.IT in Bangsar Shopping Centre, run by Chef Massimilano “Max” Ranauro, who hails from the Piemonte region of Italy and has wowed residents of KL with his former ventures, Neroteco, Nerovivo, and Bar Italia. The ambiance at Vineria, which is on the ground floor at the back of BSC, is inviting and comfortable (especially the expansive outdoor area), but really, it’s the food that steals the show here.


An Abundance of Appealing Options

You’ll be forgiven if you have to spend some serious time with the menu, because there is an abundance of appealing options. Salads, antipasti, entrées, sharing platters, main dishes, pastas, and an assortment of thin-crust pizzas from their wood-fired oven make Vineria.IT a potentially dizzying place to go when you’re hungry. All of it sounded so good! We settled on the Gran Antipasto Vineria as our starter – an excellent choice featuring a tasting platter of Italian favourites such as fried meatballs, various cold cuts, cheeses, pickles and spreads, calamari, prawns, and rocket salad. A word here about the meats: though Vineria.IT is pork-free, they do a superb job of using other meats and fats effectively to approximate the flavour and texture of pork surprisingly well. Try it, you’ll be astonished. With a couple of glasses of house Sangiovese from the bar, the antipasto platter was a fantastic way to start.


Delicious Pizzas

We also sampled one of the many delicious pizzas from the menu – I know they’re delicious because I’ve been to Vineria on my own many times and have never been disappointed by the food. A crisp crust courtesy of a blistering hot wood-fired oven, topped and served in a traditional Italian manner, ensures you’ll enjoy every bite. We sampled the Tricolore pizza with four cheeses, along with the usual mozzarella, complemented by spinach and cherry tomatoes. But I can also recommend the Salciccia and Funghi, a sausage-andmushroom masterpiece, and the Prosciutto and Formaggio offering, one of my favourites. Meat lovers mustn’t miss trying the Alla Ciccia pizza!



Pastas are beyond reproach here, needless to say. One standout dish is a lovely whole wheat pasta with French beans, smoked Scamorza cheese, and duck sausage. It was absolutely delicious… not too oily, savoury, full of flavour, and possessing just a hint of spiciness. You cannot go wrong with the pasta dishes here. The only challenge is choosing one!


Great for happy hour, Sunday brunch, the weekly specials every night of the week, or a leisurely dinner with a selection from the great wine list, Vineria.IT is a classy venue serving deliciously authentic Italian cuisine that will keep you returning again and again for more.

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G133, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 289 Jalan Maarof

Tel: 03 2287 7889

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