It’s always fun to find a new restaurant. Barra, located on Jalan Petaling in Kuala Lumpur just near the Four Points hotel, offers a slice of Spain in the heart of KL’s Chinatown. This charming (and brand-new) Spanish restaurant was a delightful culinary discovery for us, delivering authentic flavours and a vibrant dining experience that capably captures the essence of Spanish cuisine.


Barra offers counter and table seating


From the moment you step inside, Barra feels warm and welcoming. The décor is a tasteful blend of rustic and modern elements, featuring traditional Spanish tiles, wooden furniture, and ambient lighting that creates a most appealing and inviting setting. Of course, as barra is Spanish for ‘counter,’ the long counter fronting the open kitchen has some two dozen barstools, inviting you to take a seat. We love the design and the option to dine outdoors, indoors at a table, or at the counter. When we visited, the restaurant was doing a brisk business, despite its newness. The kitchen is in full view of patrons, which in our experience virtually always signals a good dining experience.

Leading the culinary team is Chef Ignasi Prats, who was a delight to meet. With a background deeply rooted in Spanish gastronomy and a family tradition of baking and pastry-making, Chef Ignasi brings a wealth of expertise and innovation to Barra’s kitchen, blending traditional Spanish dishes and flavours with modern techniques and presentation.


Chef Ignasi Prats


The menu at Barra reflects the rich culinary traditions of Spain, and we found it to be wonderfully presented with proper Spanish (and English) and good descriptions, thankfully! We kicked off our own culinary journey with Matrimonio (RM42), a delightful pairing of cured red and white sardines with olives and capsicum. The contrasting flavours of the sardines were perfectly balanced by the tangy olives and sweet peppers. Next, we savoured the Alcachofas (RM42), deep-fried artichokes that were crispy on the outside and tender inside, offering a delightful bite-sized treat – one that was all too easy to eat.


Matrimonio (centre)


Alcachofas – we loved this one!


The Pan con Tomate with Ibérico Jamon (RM26) was a hit, too. The simple yet flavourful combination of freshly grated organic Spanish tomatoes, high-quality olive oil, and melt-in-your-mouth Ibérico ham on crisp sourdough coca bread was sublime. Another highlight was the Arroz Meloso de Bogavante con Carabinero (RM142), a delicious lobster broth with Carabinero red prawn, saffron aioli, and beans. The dish was comforting and packed with layers of flavour. It’s the priciest thing on the menu owing to its expensive, top-flight ingredients.

We couldn’t resist the Black Truffle and Mushroom Croquetas (RM38) served with a black truffle aioli and aged cheese. These creamy, crispy bites were an explosion of umami – super delicious and satisfying! The fresh Burrata with Tomato Rucola Salad (RM58) provided a refreshing counterpoint with its creamy texture and peppery arugula, though you may want to ask for a bit of salt to really make this one pop.


Black Truffle and Mushroom Croquetas


Burrata with Tomato Rucola Salad


For dessert, we took the only choice: the Basque Cheesecake (RM44), a burnt cheesecake served with house-made forest berry sorbet. Burnt cheesecake is always a treat, and this one was decadently rich (both in taste and, admittedly, in price) with the tart sorbet providing a perfect balance.


Basque Cheesecake with Berry Sorbet


An affordably priced selection of wines (predominantly Spanish) is available, along with sangria, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Barra is a welcome culinary gem that brings the vivacious dining culture of Spain to Kuala Lumpur. Whether you’re a fan of Spanish food, enjoy visiting Chinatown, or you’re simply looking for a great new dining experience, Barra is worth a visit. We are already looking forward to returning to try more of their many dishes!


Location & Details

158 Jalan Petaling, Chinatown
50000 Kuala Lumpur

T: 016.588 3966
W: (for reservations)

Closed on Mondays
Reservations accepted


Arroz Meloso de Bogavante con Carabinero