Coffee hits home: Blaq could become a home brewer’s best friend, offering a unique subscription service that ships boxes of carefully curated beans – roasted by respected Malaysian names – conveniently to your doorstep once every month, enabling you to enjoy self-brewed, top-flight beverages in your living room each morning.


Labour of Love

Blaq is one of two babies that Malaysian couple Kai & Margaret are launching into the world this year (they’re also expecting their first son next month). This business-focused brainchild is a labour of love in its own right; Kai is a barista who’s passionate about coffee, brewing both at a cafe & in his home, where the aroma of coffee is always in the air – though in a sign that opposites do attract, Kai prefers his coffee black, while Margaret likes lattes.


Nationwide Shipping

Full details about Blaq can be found at (a fun, easy-to-navigate site), but here are the basics: Blaq sources diverse beans & blends from independent, small-batch roasters, packaging two different varieties – 200 grams in total, enough to make an estimated 24-28 cups of coffee – to be shipped anywhere nationwide on the final week of each month. It’ll be exciting to see what you receive & to explore new worlds of coffee every month, since Blaq takes its choices very seriously.


No Compromise

Many thanks to Kai & Margaret for August’s selection from Sprezzatura & Artisan Roast. Both were distinct & delicious, even when we made the coffee ourselves with basic equipment, without a trained barista’s skills. Blaq is meant to complement, not replace, the cafe-going experience, so customers won’t need to compromise on the coffee they have at home.


Free Shipping

The cost? For a one-off starter box featuring two types of coffee, it’s RM49.99 for the first month. Subscribers who sign up for a full year pay only RM37.99 per month. Subscriptions for bigger boxes containing 400 grams are also available. Shipping’s free.



All in all, we think Blaq has a lot of potential; it’s a cool service from a warm couple who care about their customers, & since each easily brewed cup of coffee will only cost about RM2, it could be cash-saving too.



Contact Details

Blaq Coffee

Find: Blaq Coffee directory page here.

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