A sparkling food hall with a deliciously unexpected twist has opened this month at Jaya Grocer’s latest foray into The Intermark.

Lamb's Kitchen_1


The hall in this upmarket “Grocerant” is separated into two sections; one’s a free-for-all, but the other’s what roused our appetite andruled our attention: A restricted zone of pork-serving stalls like Lam’s Kitchen.Lamb's Kitchen_2

Pork and Lamb

Birds of no feathers flock together at Lam’s Kitchen, hanging out with a big slab of pork belly.Lamb's Kitchen_3

The roast duck at Lam’s Kitchen is not bad; pretty fair in terms of flavor and juiciness.Lamb's Kitchen_4

Throw in some tasty siu yok and char siu for a meaty triumvirate that costs slightly over RM30.Lamb's Kitchen_5

Noodles and Wantan

The menu at Lam’s Kitchen is broad, including kopitiam-inspired fare like yummy noodles with prawn-stuffed wantan. Takeaway orders are possible.Lamb's Kitchen_6

Location Details:

Lam’s Kitchen
The Grocerant, Jaya Grocer,
Lower Concourse, The Intermark, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.