D’lightful d’scoveries might draw d’votees to Plaza 33’s D’Cuisine, a new retooled-Asian-cuisine offshoot of the D’Italiane Kitchen restaurant chain.

Oriental Tapas

The menu feels both familiar and fresh with tempting twists throughout: this Oriental tapas platter (RM29+) illustrates inventiveness via a wet trifecta of Mongolian chicken cubes, chili prawns and buttered salted-egg fish slices with toasted handmade mantou bun.D'Cuisine_2

Chinese Influence

Chinese-influenced Pu-Erh tea-infused chicken (RM18+), smoked for 45 minutes, served with Malay-style blue-tinted butterfly-pea rice. Pleasant one-plate fare.D'Cuisine_3

Strictly for Sharing

‘Sang har mee,’ RM48+ for this serving with 300 grams of freshwater prawns, piled upon thick Hong Kong yee mee that retains its crispness very well while still soaking up the robustly savory, roe-rich sauce. D'Cuisine_4

Don’t D’spair

There’s plenty more to try here, from Nyonya curry noodles with Norwegian salmon to Australian beef ball soup to fish and chips in a kaffir-lime batter. D'Cuisine_5


But save space for some fun desserts, including this mild-but-unique salted egg pudding with house-made vanilla ice cream (RM19+).D'Cuisine_6

Lemongrass ice cream with lemongrass jelly. Lovely, more so for these hazy-hot days. RM11+. D'Cuisine_7

Avocado ice cream, a hearty double scoop served with a side of Arabica espresso (RM21+). D'Cuisine_8


Respectable wine at a more-than-respectable rate of RM20+ per glass.D'Cuisine_9

Alfresco Cafe

D’Cuisine runs an alfresco cafe cutely called Ketch-Up in this building (an extension of Jaya 33), where folks can sip a marvelously milky Creme Brulee Latte.D'Cuisine_10

Plaza 33

It’s still early days, but Plaza 33 is certain to become a should-visit for Petaling Jaya’s foodies; this complex now also houses Noble Mansion and Kampachi, with Coliseum, a new branch of the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Road institution, expected to open here next month.D'Cuisine_11 D'Cuisine_12D'Cuisine_13

Location and Contact Details:

D’Cuisine at PJ Plaza 33,

Ground Floor, The Plaza at Jaya 33, Jalan Semangat, Section 13, Petaling Jaya.

Open for lunch and dinner, Mon-Thurs, and 11am-11pm Fri-Sun.

Find D’Cuisine’s directory listing here.

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