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Contemplate paintings and pastries at the newest entry to St Mary Residences’ increasingly popular F&B floor. ARTside doubles as both gallery and eatery; to be sure, the work on these walls will weigh very heavily on the wallet, so most customers might instead be lured by this venue’s light, wholesome meals, to be savored in the embrace of natural sunlight.ARTside Gallery & Cafe_2

Light Bites

Won’t go wrong with a mushroom quiche (RM9.50+), warm and moist. ARTside Gallery & Cafe_3

Vegetarian popiah (RM4.50+), fat, fresh and flavorsome. Choose either a chili-free rendition or a fiery one with a fine kick.ARTside Gallery & Cafe_4


Cakes abound, of course, everything from creamy-nutty chocolate ones to Boston cheesecakes, lemon butter cakes and carrot cakes.ARTside Gallery & Cafe_5


Caffe latte (RM9+), featuring what the cafe calls the “finest coffee beans from the highlands.” ARTside Gallery & Cafe_6

Other highlights include ciabatta filled with roasted veggies, salads of stick veggies with hummus and croissants with preserves; the menu’s mostly meatless, but chicken and salmon sandwiches are also available.ARTside Gallery & Cafe_7

ARTside opens 730am-7pm, Mondays through Fridays, and 9am-3pm Saturdays. ARTside Gallery & Cafe_8

Entries on other attractions at St Mary: Sushi Hinata (March 19 and April 4) and Delicious (April 14).ARTside Gallery & Cafe_9ARTside Gallery & Cafe_10

Location Details:

Artside Gallery Cafe,

A-0-6, Ground Floor, St Mary Place, St Mary Residences,

Jalan Tengah, Kuala Lumpur. Behind The Weld shopping mall.

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