Take a seat by Aether Cafe’s windows, enjoy the leafy view & watch out for Asian red-cheeked squirrels scampering outside – Malaysian brothers Mark & Shaun Chang have chosen a lovely location for their new cafe, which is poised to become a hidden sanctuary for the weary city soul, supplying some respite from the offices & malls.




There’s a DIY charm to Aether; according to their mom – who’s a friendly presence here on weekends – Mark & Shaun personally put together much of the cafe’s wooden furnishing (to evoke a tropical-themed paradise) & formulated their entire menu (to focus on wholesome fare) themselves, despite having relatively scant experience in the restaurant business.




Nutritious Recipes

Expect nutritious recipes at lower-than-the-norm prices – we like the spirit of playful fun & enthusiastic experimentation here, illustrated by a salad that showcases the vibrant hues of a rainbow; shake the container up & pour everything on the plate for a balanced meal of protein-powered chickpeas with vitamin-invigorated veggies (crisply fibrous) in a perky dressing. RM13.90.




Apple Stack

Note that some of Aether’s food might take a little long to emerge because it’s prepared to order – the apple stack is carefully sliced & thickly slathered with peanut butter, served with sides of three jams, for a delicious & distinctive-looking treat. RM6.90.




No Fried Food and Nearly No Meat

No fried food & nearly no meat (salmon may be served soon) – Aether strives to prove that a fulfilling brunch need not be a platter of scrambled eggs with bacon & sausages. Try the vinegar garlic lychee pasta (RM14.90, lightly sweet & tangy), the Green Goddess Grilled Cheese sandwich (RM12.90; essentially toasties with spinach & cheese) or the surprisingly textured white chocolate & coconut flake cake (simultaneously fluffy-fresh & creamy-moist – very satisfactory, with tasty subtleties).





Sip the cold brew (RM15) – Aether serves Doi Chaang coffee cultivated on Thai mountains, shade-grown, hand-picked & sun-dried, with profits shared fairly with thousands of indigenous farmers in ecologically sustainable Thai plantations. Or have the orange juice, pleasurably pulpy. All in all, Aether’s future seems bright; expect to hear a lot about this cafe in the weeks ahead.








Location and Contact Details

Aether Cafe

Pusat Kanak-Kanak Tuanku Bainun, 48 Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad, Taman Tun Dr.Ismail

Open 10am-10pm, except Tuesdays

Tel: +6012-376 4864

Find: Contact details and map for Aether Cafe

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