18 New Restaurants to Visit in KL and Selangor in June 2015

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1. Proof at Desa Sri Hartamas


One of 2015’s most intriguing collaborations is taking shape at The Signature in Sri Hartamas – Khya Wing, Constance, Kapila, Azlina, Jia Yuan, Joanne & Izani have launched Proof Cafe in this serviced suites high-rise – it’s the opening salvo of their plan to open a produce-focused restaurant in this building soon, harnessing expertise from across the region to leave a positive imprint on the city’s culinary landscape.

Address: The Signature, Jalan Sri Hartamas 22

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2. Greenhouse by Muir


Swarming with trees & swathed in sunshine, swimming with seafood & suffused in tea, Greenhouse by Muir is one of this month’s most attractive new F&B destinations, saturated with ideas & steeped in intrigue.

Address: 1 Jalan Nipah, Off Jalan Ampang

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3. Bisque Café at Damansara Perdana


Look for the red entrance – it’s your passageway into Bisque, not only a paradise of cakes but a haven for hearty hot meals, fulfilling a long-nurtured aspiration by founder Juliana to open her own cafe in collaboration with her brother & close friends. Bisque’s team has crafted a thoughtful & tantalising menu that represents the kind of food they love – expect interesting items like poutine; Bisque’s interpretation of Quebec’s best-known recipe is pure comfort fare.

Address:Emerald Plaza North, Jalan PJU8/3A, Damansara Perdana

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4. Nagasaki


Desa Sri Hartamas’ newest Japanese restaurant is one of our best bets for soul food that nourishes both the stomach & the spirit; the outlet’s name is a nod to the home city of its owner.

Address: 7-G, Plaza Prisma Ville, Jalan 19/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas

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5. Double A Café at Ara Damansara


Double A Cafe deserves an ‘A’ for effort – husband-&-wife team Aiman & Alia have taken a break from their corporate responsibilities to create a wholeheartedly welcoming space that has the potential to become something genuinely special.

Address: Pacific Place Commercial Centre, Jalan PJU 1A/4, Ara Damansara

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6. KitaKita Kafe at Bukit Damansara


From kebaya to karipap: Malaysian crafts & cuisine come together at this combination of a store & cafe, where customers can shop for locally made clothing, tableware & paintings while snacking on traditional tidbits.

Address: G1.10, 1 Jalan Medan Setia, Bukit Damansara

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7. The Crusty Nest


A team of friends have opened The Crusty Nest, a cafe that’s dedicated to pies – its name reflects the significance of family & food, inspired by a Chinese children’s story about a mother bird who perseveringly fed her hatchlings in their nest; eventually, after she had aged & weakened, her young ones faithfully returned to the nest to feed her in return.

Address: 40 Jalan SS15/4, Subang Jaya

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8. Crack Pork at Kota Damansara


The temptation to go hog wild is humongous at Crack Pork, a new hideout for roast meat junkies.

Address: 59G, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand, Kota Damansara

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9. The Hungry Spoon at Sri Petaling


The Hungry Spoon is helmed by two chefs whose friendship spans 10 years & three countries – Suet Fei & Rahim first met each other a decade ago, when they enrolled at KDU’s school of culinary arts. They eventually continued their training abroad together & honed their craft in Ottawa, Montreal & Phuket before returning to KL this past year. Now, they’ve opened their own venue in Sri Petaling, with a well-curated selection that strives to lure patrons from both within & beyond this neighbourhood.

Address: 6 Jalan Radin Bagus 9, Sri Petaling

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10. Ticklish Ribs & Wiches at Sea Park


This distinctive new destination hopes to hog the limelight for meat lovers, tickling the taste buds by tackling pork ribs & sandwiches with gumption & gusto in a spirited setting that springs to life with musical gigs & stand-up comedy nights.

Address: 5 Jalan 21/11A, Seapark

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11. Chiyo Sushi at Bandar Sunway


Fans of sushi bars now have a new venue to check out – Chiyo Sushi, which thrives on the art of omakase.

Address: EGG – Eight Gourmets Gala, Ground Floor, The Pinnacle Annexe, Persiaran Lagoon, Bandar Sunway

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12. Pont Boulangerie at Old Klang Road


Le Pont – French for ‘The Bridge’ – boasts an European-accented menu that’s meted out in a fascinatingly fashioned three-level space comprising a bakery & a cafe.

Address: 6, Jalan 1/37C, Bedford Business Park, Off Old Klang Road

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13. Fishee Coffee at Bukit Jalil


Fishee Coffee is a fun cafe, filled with friendly vibes in a cheerfully colourful setting that’s a bolt-hole for student-age patrons.

Address: 12-20 M, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 13, Arked Esplanad Bukit Jalil

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14. It Cake at Damansara Perdana


It Cake takes a refreshingly minimalist approach – this new cake shop, helmed by friendly Korean couple Tae Kim & Jennifer, promises a small but carefully curated selection of wholesome cakes, baked with heart & skill, served with lots of love & cheer.

Address: 56-1, Jalan PJU8/5B, Damansara Perdana

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15. Pink Belly at Bangsar


Bangsar’s Lorong Kurau has long been best known for F&B outlets that promise chappati or cendol, coffee or cocktails, but this new venue could change that, specialising in the meat of a cloven-hoofed creature that’s seldom sighted on this street.

Address: 1 Lorong Kurau, Bangsar

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16. Stubborn Joe Café at Dataran Prima


Stubborn Joe is no average-Joe cafe; founded by a husband-&-wife team who practise interior design & architecture, it’s a visual feast. Joe & Veronica have created a space with a striking sense of meticulousness, right from the sumptuously photogenic walls – one with a ‘no man is an island’ figurine-lined theme, facing another filled with black-&-white construction blueprints – to the ravishingly intricate floor tiles & the furnishing of a vintage family TV set, rotary phone & other heirlooms.

Address: Jalan PJU 1/42, No 21-1 Blk E1, Dataran Prima

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17. Epic Fit Meals Co at Damansara Perdana


Wholesome meals delivered for free within 30 to 45 minutes of ordering – Epic Fit Meals Co strives to prove that healthy recipes which emphasise fresh ingredients, balanced nutrition & moderate portions can be convenient, creative & tasty.

Address: E105, Block E, East Wing, Metropolitan Square, Jalan PJU 8/1, Damansara Perdana

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18. The Great Beer Bar at Damansara Uptown


The man behind Ales & Lagers has launched The Great Beer Bar in Damansara Uptown with a fresh set of collaborators – Kenn Hyn’s clear-eyed, full-hearted mission to propagate craft beers remains unmistakable in how he names his outlets, where the attraction rests in his no-nonsense approach to (possibly) great beer & (probably) good food.

Address:  86 Jalan SS 21/62, Damansara Utama

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