Sabah’s Beaufort mee and Tuaran fried noodles seek star billing at HELP Residence’s cafeteria – at RM6.50 per plate, a fair choice for your noodles fix, with each plate bearing plenty of chicken meat and vegetables. A caveat for purists: Authenticity isn’t the watchword here – these are no-pork versions in tweaked recipes made with noodles that may differ from their Sabah roots.

1. Sabah Noodles

2. Sabah Noodles

3. Sabah Noodles

4. Sabah Noodles

5. Sabah Noodles

6. Sabah Noodles

Location & Details

Sabah Specialty Noodles

Help Residence, Taman Sa, Damansara Heights, Kuala Lumpur.

Daily, 1030am-6pm.

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