Monkey 47 Gin's Annual Distiller's Cut Features This Unique Ingredient

Monkey 47 embarked on its annual quest for the perfect 48th ingredient for its coveted Distiller’s Cut limited-edition gin. This year, they found it in the familiar landscape of the Black Forest—Galium odoratum, commonly known as Woodruff or Wbest nfl uniforms nfl apparel adidas yeezy foam runner best human hair wigs online nike air jordan mid nike air jordan 11 legend blue nike air jordan women’s shoes nike air max 90 nfl fantasy nfl shop coupon code mens nike air jordan cheap nfl jerseys custom hockey jerseys cheap nfl jersey nfl super bowl aldmeister in German. Woodruff, a member of the Bedstraw family, owes its unique and pungent aroma to the presence of coumarin.

Woodruff plants thrive in nutrient-rich soil and shady spots, blooming from mid-April with small white buds that develop bristle-covered fruits by September. To capture the characteristic coumarin flavor, Woodruff leaves are dried for weeks. Interestingly, Woodruff contains a precursor of this fragrant substance, which is released when the plant is ground up or left to wild. Monkey 47 dries the leaves in the dry and shaded granary at 24 Hofe, extracting moisture before incorporating them into their macerate.


The 2022 Limited Edition Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut


Woodruff was selected as the 48th botanical for the latest Distiller’s Cut edition


The Distiller’s Cut 2022 bottle design remains true to Monkey 47’s commitment to quality and heritage. The bright green label draws inspiration from the lively leaves of Woodruff, while the gift box combines their legendary wallpaper with a refined and understated label, all crafted with sustainable FSC paper.

Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin has become an iconic gin globally, renowned for its blend of 47 botanicals. Lingonberries, blackberries, honey pomelo, and traditional gin ingredients such as angelica, coriander, chamomile, and sage contribute to its distinctive character. The gin’s name signifies both the number of botanicals and its ABV percentage of 47%. Monkey 47’s flavors shine whether enjoyed straight, in a refreshing gin and tonic, or in classic cocktails, offering a fruity profile with a subtly bitter end note from the addition of lingonberries.

Monkey 47’s annual quest led them to the discovery of Woodruff as the 48th ingredient for the Distiller’s Cut gin. The exclusive Distiller’s Cut 2022, with its balanced and captivating flavors, was introduced at a special tasting event. Meanwhile, Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin continues to captivate gin enthusiasts worldwide with its unique blend of botanicals and distinct character.


Monkey 47, a delicious premium gin from Germany


Achieving the perfect balance of essential oils is critical in blending Woodruff’s intoxicating aromas into the exclusive Monkey 47 Distiller’s Cut. This year’s edition was not available for purchase, but was exclusively tasted by media and friends of Monkey 47 at the Here & Now bar in Damansara Heights. The event featured a comparative tasting between the Distiller’s Cut and Schwarzwald Dry Gin, as well as unique cocktails showcasing both gins. We liked the spacious Here & Now bar, and particularly for people working in the Semantan and Damansara Heights area, this new bar provides a great new after-office hours hangout spot!

For more information on Monkey 47 and its offerings, visit, or purchase a bottle for yourself from the Pernod Ricard Malaysia Official Shopee Store.


A welcome addition to any gin lover’s home bar