Espresso & Cold Brew Concentrate by Toothless Coffee: Specialty Coffee at Home

This post was contributed by EatDrink Brand Ambassador Chia Hui Tzi.

In light of the new norm that we are all currently still getting used to, I know how hard it can be to not get your caffeine fix at your usual favourite café. Thankfully, Toothless Coffee being one of the top coffee roasters in Kuala Lumpur have invented one of the best current must-have home kits for coffee lovers; espresso and cold brew concentrates.

Espresso and Cold Brew Concentrate: RM20 each

Each coffee concentrate comes in a 125ml glass bottle to pair with either water or your choice of milk. Each bottle makes up to 4 servings and can lasts up to 12 days kept in a refrigerator.

Recipe is as below:

The difference between these two concentrates are:
• the espresso concentrate is bolder in taste with slight bitter aftertaste, brewed under high pressure with an espresso machine. Perfect if you want a café experience in the comfort of your own home

• the cold brew concentrate is lighter in taste with a pleasant aftertaste, brewed with a steeping method with water and coffee grounds for 22 hours in the chiller. Perfect for cold brew lovers who wants a higher caffeine kick.

So choosing a brew only depends on your exact preference!

Now with these coffee concentrates, I can maintain social distancing guidelines from my own home with the added bonus of an iced latte or americano, my perfect brain booster as I work or study from home.

You can get these coffee concentrates at priced at RM20 each or RM38 for both. Self pick-up is available at King’s Hall café as well as delivery service with fee charged at RM10.

Location and details

Address: Toothless Coffee
King’s Hall Café
Jalan 13/2,
Pjs 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya,

CMCO operation hours: Daily, 10am-5pm

Wifi: Yes

IG: @toothlesscoffee