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Burger haters, avert your eyes: Another teen-targeting joint has invaded burger-besieged Subang, bringing more meaty mischief to this thriving neighborhood. Big Chomp Burger (no relation to Big Hug Burger nearby) opened this week on one of SS15’s busiest streets; what sets this place apart (marginally, at least) is its use of stuffed omelets to top the patties. 

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For example, this Eddgra (RM15 nett) comes not only with cheese and caramelized onions but also a slice of Spanish omelet that’s packed with potatoes.

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Flossy Chick

Flossy Chick (RM13), featuring grilled chicken breast and omelet filled with chicken floss.

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Fatty Shroom

Fatty Shroom (RM15): Deep-fried portobello mushroom, button mushrooms and parmesan omelet. All in all, these signature burgers are worth trying, though some of the components might not complement each other as harmoniously as hoped for. Also, the flavors feel a bit muted and the texture cries out for creamier ingredients.

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Chomp B+

Not into omelets? No worries, order something else here, like the Chomp B+ (RM16), which comes with beef bacon (and theoretically, hash brown and cream cheese). Big Chomp’s beef patties are satisfyingly big and chunky, but a bit more dense than juicy.

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Flaming O

Our favorite’s the Flaming O (RM14), pretty tasty with battered chicken, salami, pepperoni and pimento peppers. Could be even better with thigh meat instead of breast.

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Plenty of Chili

Plenty of chili in this burger for a pleasant zing. Here’s wishing Big Chomp all the best; there are some nice ideas here, and we trust they’ll be fine-tuned in the months ahead.

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A Bit of a Wait

Big Chomp’s burgers might take 30 minutes to make after orders are placed.

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Location Details:

Big Chomp Burger

39, Jalan SS15/8A, Subang Jaya

Opens everyday, 11am-3pm, 5pm-11pm

Find: Big Chomp Burger’s directory listing here.

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