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Do you hear the people sing? Mediteca started out as a no-pork restaurant (forget the phrase ‘pork-free’; we only need to be free of foul things), but from this month onward, this has become a pork’s-welcome place. Customers want to get piggy with it! Beginning June 1, Mediteca has totally revamped its menu; let’s hope this helps revive business. Weeknights here seem too barren of customers, all of whom are missing out on complimentary bread served with Lodigiano cheese freshly grated by the table.Mediteca Wine Tapas_2

Pork Stew

The ideal introduction to what Mediteca has now become: Cazuela-style stewed pork jaw with tomato and thyme (RM15++). Soul food in every sense; we have a hunch that if our grandmother had been Spanish, she’d have wholly approved of this.Mediteca Wine Tapas_3

Fowl-Hog Fusion

Chicken wings prepared with garlic and rosemary, wrapped in luscious pork lard (RM16++). Bar snacks elevated to new heights. Mediteca Wine Tapas_4

Pork Cheeks

Beef cheek is passe; try Mediteca’s pork cheek instead (RM58++), stewed to spectacular succulence with star anise and pumpkin chutney. Caveat: this is both pricey and somewhat salty. Mediteca Wine Tapas_5

Suckling Pig

Honey-glazed roasted suckling pig. Scarily though, this slice here costs RM88++.Mediteca Wine Tapas_6

Is it breakfast, brunch or lunch?

Arresting, anytime of the day: Gateau of potatoes and mushrooms (RM28++), with poached egg, onion jam and bacon (pork of course, not beef). Mediteca Wine Tapas_7

Addicted to albumin? Mediteca’s baked eggs with pork belly pancetta, spinach and bechamel sauce (RM22++) might save the night. Rehab, tomorrow. Mediteca Wine Tapas_8


Of course, other non-porcine meats aren’t shunned here. Veal lovers can check out this tapas-sized serving of  veal tongue (RM12++) with cress pickle and red onions. Mediteca Wine Tapas_9

Veal carpaccio in hay and white chamomile (RM38++). Evidence that Mediteca isn’t just another restaurant; every recipe here is carefully selected, creatively concocted. Mediteca Wine Tapas_10


Mediteca remains, at heart, a Mediterranean restaurant, so Italy remains reasonably represented. But banish any hope of seeing the words ‘bolognese,’ ‘carbonara’ or ‘aglio olio’ here; instead, feast on unorthodox specialties like this  ‘fregola,’ a bead-like semolina dough pasta evocative of Israeli ‘ptimtim’ couscous, baked in paper with seafood. Mediteca Wine Tapas_11

Or try the ‘culurgiones,’ little bundles of pleasure from Sardinia, reminiscent of ravioli, with fresh tomato sauce and ‘bottarga’ cured fish roe. Mediteca Wine Tapas_12


Can’t leave without light bites: Deep-fried potato cubes with garlic & salsa brava sauces, alongside practically perfect croquettes of gorgonzola cheese and bacon. Mediteca Wine Tapas_13


Mediteca now serves a limited number of cocktails too, with indisputably cool names like Blue Diamond and Honey Moon.Mediteca Wine Tapas_14

Pork Launch Party

There’s a pork launch party for this new menu next week. Seems like everyone can sign up. Mediteca Wine Tapas_15

First entries on Mediteca: August 3, 2012 and Nov 25, 2012.Mediteca Wine Tapas_16 Mediteca Wine Tapas_17 Mediteca Wine Tapas_18 Mediteca Wine Tapas_19Mediteca Wine Tapas_20

Location Details:

Mediteca Wine Tapas,

Fraser Place, Jalan Perak, Kuala Lumpur.

Tel: 03-2181-2426

Open Mon-Sat, 1130am through late.

Find Mediteca Wine Tapas’ directory listing here.

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