As an all-natural vegan ice cream brand, Kind Kones aims to bring healthier alternatives to the conventional dessert.

While regular ice cream may be a childhood staple, mass production often means that the favourites are filled with synthetic ingredients, too much sugar, and unhealthy source of fats. And for the modern consumer, too many unnatural foods can lead to physical issues in the long run.

kind kones ice cream
Pandan Gula Melaka ice cream

Being aware of what you really eat doesn’t have to be prompted by a food trend, and even by just trying out vegan, refined sugar-free, and gluten-free options, you might just find out something about your own body you didn’t know needed.

In line with caring about edible health, Kind Kones provides a dietary-inclusive range of plant-based ice creams, no-bake desserts, and the latest addition – a Kombucha float.

Partnering with local start-up and fellow health advocate Wonder Brew, the Kombucha ice-cream float is a guilt-free indulgence of a malty combination of Oolong and premium black tea (Original flavour) drizzled over an ice cream scoop of choice.

kind kones health desserts
French Vanilla ice cream and Wonder Brew Kombucha (Original Flavour)

The rich, carbonated, and creamy drink will tingle your taste buds with the aftertaste akin to apple cider vinegar and create a fascinating sweet-to-tangy flavour profile. This is not a drink to be downed in a rush!

The French Vanilla and Peanut Butter Cup flavours are recommended, but feel free to speak to the staff for the most interesting flavour combinations to be had.

Kind Kone’s Brownie Sundae is also not to be missed. Pictured below is the Flourless Sweet Potato Brownie, made of sweet potato, cacao powder, almonds, walnuts, coconut milk, and dairy-free chocolate. Topped with the captivating Blue Planet scoop, the bits of matcha cake in a butterfly pea flower alternative milk mixture over the rich nutty chocolate brownie was a real treat.

kind kones health brownie
Brownie Sundae

Should you be in a lighter, on-the-go situation, grab a Waffle Kone, available in wholemeal or almond. The almond option is gluten-free and offers a hint of flavour on its own. You’d be surprised to realise how neutral normal cones taste even with all that dairy, egg, and butter mixed in!

kind kones ice cream
Blue Planet ice cream with Waffle Kone

Finding the balance of healthy eating and good taste is the expertise of Kind Kones, and the passion lies in making it available not just for people with dietary concerns, but for the good of the general public.

There is literally no downside in giving these vegan, nut-free, all-natural alternative foods a try, so why not start with the best part of a meal? Get over that social stigma of ‘health-trend eating’ and start caring about what really goes into your gut!

Check out our Instagram @eatdrinkdotmy for a special Chinese New Year offer by Kind Kones!

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