Yuu-jo at Mont Kiara, Ori-Udon at The Gardens and Manmaru at Mid Valley: Restaurant Review

Slurping our way through three udon specialists that opened in KL in recent months, starting with Yuu-jo, a fairly cozy spot on one of Mont Kiara’s leafy streets.

1. Yuu-jo

YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_1

Udon and Soba

Udon & soba command the mightiest share of Yuu-jo’s menu; for something that tastes pretty nutritious, order the cold udon with marinated shiso leaves and spinach, blended with olive oil and crowned with char-grilled chicken (RM17.80 before taxes).

YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_2


The remainder of Yuu-jo’s repertoire includes light-lunch mains like fleshy cobia fish deep-fried in bread crumbs (RM12) …YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_3


… and familiar-favorite side dishes such as ‘nasu dengaku,’ miso-glazed eggplant (RM8.80).YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_4

Other menu highlights: Italian-style udon, beef bolognese or chicken carbonara-style, as well as green tea soba with salmon and raw egg, plus comfort-food rice bowls.YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_5 YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_15

Location and Contact Details:

Yuu-jo Japanese Restaurant
B1-B3, Kiara Designer Suites, 18, Jalan Kiara 3, Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Open lunch & dinner, except Mondays. Can be crowded for lunch; it’s calmer in the evening.
Tel: 03-6206-5273

2. Ori-Udon

Next up, Ori-Udon, a newbie at The Gardens Mall’s lower ground floor, where several casual eateries have launched these past few weeks.

YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_6


If Ori-Udon’s selection seems familiar, that might be because its consultant chef appears to be Seiji Fujimoto, the founder of Taman Desa’s well-respected Sanuki Udon.YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_7

Have a bowl of chilled udon coupled with a smidgen of mentaiko and soft-boiled egg (RM8.90), plus side dishes of wakame seaweed (RM1), fried tofu (RM1) & warm, tender beef (RM3, no taxes). A filling, fulfilling sampler, well-executed in Sanuki’s signature style.YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_8

Ori-Udon’s compact menu also includes hot, fresh skewers of chicken and quail eggs (RM3 each) that are breaded instead of grilled, for a surprisingly nice change.YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_9


Plus, there’s sake here; we’re thankful that Ori-Udon’s friendly manager cheerfully serves this even at 10:30 in the morning. It wakes us up better than coffee.YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_10 YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_16

Location Details:

LG-K01, Lower Ground Floor, The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur

Find  Ori-Udon’s directory listing here.

3. Manmaru

Final stop, only a five-minute walk from Ori-Udon, here’s Manmaru at Mid Valley Megamall, a spacious restaurant with a wide-ranging menu that partners udon with the likes of pickled plums, creamy curries and even sweet corn soup.YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_11

A small portion, pleasantly chewy, with smoked duck in savory gravy costs RM13.90; most other varieties here are cheaper. Side dishes include velvety eggs as well as tempura squid, tempura prawns, tempura chicken, tempura enoki mushrooms, tempura sweet potato, tempura pumpkin, tempura eggplant (the tempura compilation clearly rivals that of the udon).YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_12 YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_17

Location Details:

Manmaru Homemade Udon
S-045A, Center Court, Second Floor, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur

Find Manmaru Homemade Udon’s directory listing here.

Other Japanese stops

Fans of Japanese food, it’s worth noting that The Gardens Mall has some fresh temptations, including Ozen Zanmai, a bento-serving offshoot of Sushi Zanmai …YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_13

… and Kuru Kuru Takoyaki, which whips up battered balls, stuffed with cheese or topped with teriyaki mayo, for what would likely be sinfully doughy snacks.YuuJo OriUdon ManMaru_14