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Near or far, here’s some comfort food to help us on difficult days.


A five-minute drive from our Sri Petaling home, Ton Kichi whips up warm bowls of ramen. This shoyu broth version with breaded pork, corn and egg soothes the soul.Ton Kichi_2

We also enjoy the tonkotsu pork bone rendition with soft-braised pork. Sure, it’s not as richly milky or deeply flavorsome as the recipes of Hokkaido Santouka, Gokuraku and Marutama, but for only around RM20, it’s fully fulfilling.

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The perfect tonkatsu pork cutlet, crisply fried without excess oil and served with grind-it-yourself sesame seeds. A bowl of Japanese curry proved a divine dip.Ton Kichi_4

Sake and Green Tea

Hot sake at RM15 per carafe and cold green tea.Ton Kichi_5 Ton Kichi_6 Ton Kichi_7Ton Kichi_8

Location Details:

Ton Kichi,

41-1, Jalan Radin Bagus, Sri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur.

Find Ton Kichi’s directory listing here.

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