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Fuelled by the talents and experience of its French-born founder Sebastien, Bangladeshi chef Badul and Russian mixologist Kirill, this restaurant and lounge aspires to be an after-work sanctuary for fun bites and flamboyant booze, a 15-minute drive from KLCC.

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European-accented tapas

Supperclub’s food highlights consist of European-accented tapas – the kitchen does a decent job with seafood small plates, from bruschetta topped with prawns, textured avocado paste and cilantro (RM23) to grilled baby octopus with extra virgin olive oil and lemon (RM18), prawns sauteed in tomato sauce, white wine and garlic (RM21) to scallops with a zesty jalapeno salsa (RM32). But what comes closest to irresistible comfort food is the soft-boiled egg on warm, creamy truffled mashed celeriac (RM18).

6. Supperclub - bruschetta with prawns and avocado paste 7. Supperclub - grilled baby octopus 8. Supperclub - prawns with tomato sauce & scallops with jalapeno salsa 9. Supperclub - soft boiled egg of truffled mashed celeriac

Italian classics

Badul, who has worked steadily with the Flam’s restaurant group in KL for 15 years, also takes pride in Italian classics like seafood spaghetti and mushroom risotto. Supperclub marks the latest extension of the Flam’s family, which Sebastien runs – you can now find Flam’s main pizza parlour and its sister outlet, Route 66 Burger Bar, in both Changkat Bukit Bintang and TREC KL.

10. Supperclub - seafood spaghetti 11. Supperclub - mushroom risotto

At Supperclub (currently found only at TREC), customers can cross-order from Flam’s and Route 66 next door – the former is best-known for its very satisfying tarte flambee (the Alsatian version of thin-crust pizza, with topping possibilities like beef bacon, Swiss cheese, fresh sliced onions and mushrooms), while the latter tackles American diner-style burgers that yield a tender bite.

12. Supperclub - tarte flambe 13. Supperclub - burger14. Supperclub


Cocktails could lure the city’s rising tide of libation lovers – Kirill has previously been a bartender at Moscow’s Chaiyana Tea & Cocktails (named as one of the world’s 50 top bars), and he’s crafted some intriguing temptations for Supperclub; our best bets include the Supperclub Whiskey Sour (RM42; whiskey, apricot brandy, mango calpis, lemon juice, angostura bitters)

15. Supperclub - Supperclub Whiskey

Fog Over The Safe Haven (RM36; aged rum, creme de cacao, soya cream), Chapala (RM42; tequila, aperol, grapefruit juice, lime) and Flying Without Wings (RM45; rum, vodka, apricot absinthe, lemon), washed down with a potent parting shot of a tangy oyster shooter, showcasing fresh oysters with vodka and spiced tomato juice. Many thanks to the Supperclub team for having us here.

16. Supperclub - Fog over safe haven 17. Supperclub 18. Supperclub - Flying without wings & oyster shooters 19. Supperclub 20. Supperclub

Location & Details

Supperclub Kuala Lumpur

Lot E12-14, Electric Boulevard, TREC KL, Jalan Tun Razak, Kuala Lumpur.

Open Tues-Sun, 5pm-3am.

Tel: 03-2110-0866

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  1. Keing Theng Tang March 14, 2016 Subscriber

    But hor… We have been sitting there whole night. Not many ppl went in wor. Very the 冷清清

  2. Evon H. NoVe March 14, 2016 Subscriber

    Joevin Wong Keing Theng Tang I think this is the place opposite Live House & the pizza place. Look at the mixologist!

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