Here’s the definitive burger binge: A deep-dive exploration of a fledgling burger business, run by a couple who pour plenty of passion, skill & soul into their work: Yummylicious, an ambitious delivery initiative which offers creative compositions that strike a satisfying balance between hearty & healthy.

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Chili Crab Burger

We’re crazy for Yummylicious’ chili crab burger (RM25), featuring a handcrafted, 120-gram crab meat patty sandwiched between green tea buns. Lusciously created for customers who love fresh crabs but loathe the cumbersome struggle with crustacean shells.

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Royal Swiss Mushroom Oblong Burger

A huge Royal Swiss Mushroom Oblong Burger (RM27, sufficient for two), showcasing a unique 200-gram patty built with both Aussie beef & mutton for a potent flavor, cooked with no oil, MSG or preservatives, complemented by Swiss cheese, portobello mushrooms & extra virgin olive oil.

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Rest assured, all the food is halal, including the K-Burger (RM22), chicken in charcoal buns, blanketed in Korean-inspired spicy sauce & cushioned by crisp lettuce.

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Juicy Lucy

Juicy Lucy (RM16), with a beef patty that features molten cheese inside instead of on top, reinterpreted further to illustrate Yummylicious’ motto of “Eat Healthy, Be Happy.” The beef’s grilled without grease & oil, but marinated with a dash of extra virgin olive oil.

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Vader Burger

Here’s one time we won’t mind a walk on the Dark Side: Yummylicious’ Vader Burger (RM16) is another black-bun beauty, boasting chicken katsu with a creamy sauce.

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Yoda Burger

Still, the Force is strongest with the Yoda Burger (RM16), a shrimp burger stunner with a patty of European sweet shrimp & tiger prawns, topped with tartar sauce tinged with Italian herbs.

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Final Thoughts

This is a two-person show: Jimmy & his wife, Adlin, cook everything at their Kota Damansara home, so most burgers must be ordered a day in advance before delivery, limited to nearby neighborhoods. The food is painstakingly made fresh; we received our burgers warmly packaged.

Something as sensational like this makes us thankful that Jimmy & Adlin, both trained in law & self-taught in cooking, hope to open their own outlet sometime this year.

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