For evidence that juices are spilling over into every corner of the Klang Valley’s cafes, here’s our vitamin-packed voyage to a new outlet that’ll recommend more than merely an apple a day, kicking off with Juice D Fruitz at Puchong’s Setiawalk. Juice-D-Fruitz-at-Setiawalk-Restaurant-Review1

Cold-Pressed Combos

Juice D Fruitz features no fewer than 32 cold-pressed combos, with components that range from beetroot to broccoli to bananas & blueberries, grapefruit to guava to ginger & garlic (!), wheatgrass to watermelon, bottled into self-explanatory blends with names like ‘Wrinkle Less,’ ‘Protect My Baby’ & ‘Kidney Cleanse.’ Juice-D-Fruitz-at-Setiawalk-Restaurant-Review2 Juice-D-Fruitz-at-Setiawalk-Restaurant-Review3 Juice-D-Fruitz-at-Setiawalk-Restaurant-Review4

Balanced Flavours And Pleasing Textures

Our current crop of local juice purveyors seems to have mostly mastered the formula for making beverages with balanced flavours & pleasing textures. RM11.80 for Juice D Fruitz’s ‘Veggie Berry,’ a complex concoction of red peppers, green apples, blackberries, blueberries, beetroot & garlic. Juice-D-Fruitz-at-Setiawalk-Restaurant-Review5 Juice-D-Fruitz-at-Setiawalk-Restaurant-Review6 Juice-D-Fruitz-at-Setiawalk-Restaurant-Review7 Juice-D-Fruitz-at-Setiawalk-Restaurant-Review8

Location and Contact Details

Juice D’ Fruitz D-03-G, Setiawalk, Puchong Tel: 03 8091 3754 Open daily, 10am-10pm Find: Contact details and map for Juice D’Fruitz here.

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