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A Neighbourhood Gem, Still Sparkling Strong

This post was written by EatDrink Ambassador Alleena. While many are adjusting to dining in the new normal, not

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The Nasi Lemak Guys at Damansara Kim: Cafe review

From 7pm till midnight, The Nasi Lemak Guys offer tempting mounds of santan-scented rice with choices of three unconventional accompaniments

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'Shake 'n Take': Craft Your Own Cocktails at The Locker & Loft in Damansara Kim

At just over a year old, The Locker & Loft (L&L) has already established itself as a favourite among the

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Piccoli Lotti at Damansara Kim: Snapshot

A scoop of time-honoured Italian dessert-making tradition, another of savvy Malaysian inventiveness, topped with a

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