Can Tsuma Bar at APW Bangsar: Pop-up Restuarant Review

One of KL’s most peculiar food pop-ups is serving Japanese canned food for 10 days only starting today in Bangsar: Inspired by a cafe set-up called Can’s Bar near Tokyo’s Akihabara Station, Can Tsuma Bar is part of Isetan’s Tokyo Fashion District temporary store in the APW event space, stacked with some 500 cans of everything from smoked herring to miso firefly squid.

1. Can Tsuma Bar 2. Can Tsuma Bar 3. Can Tsuma Bar

Make your selection, take a seat & simply open up your can to savour a fast, ready-to-eat meal – we stopped by while the folks here were still readying their stall & managed to convince them to sell us a couple of cans.

4. Squid 5. Sea urchin 6. Can Tsuma Bar 7. Can Tsuma Bar

Squid is expected to be a popular pick (it’s their most-stocked item, costing RM17.90 per can) – it’s enjoyable enough, offering a tender, tasty chew, with lots of chunks in each can. One of the pricier purchases would be the sea urchin in consomme jelly (RM44.50); it’s well worth trying for uni fans, retaining most of the inimitable sweetness of sea urchin but in a preserved form that evokes the texture of soft roe.

8. Can Tsuma Bar 9. Can Tsuma Bar 10. Can Tsuma Bar 11. Can Tsuma Bar

Most cans cost below RM20 – not bad, considering our currency issues. There are more than 30 different temptations altogether, including spicy scallops, baked garden eel, gingered saury, miso ark shell, wine-steamed mussels, olive oil octopus, roasted top shell, lemon pepper oysters, mantis crabs, salmon, prawns, amberjack, smelt, globefish & much more.

Location & Details

Can Tsuma Bar

APW Bangsar, 29, Jalan Riong, Kuala Lumpur.

Open 10am-830pm, 29 Jan to 7 Feb 2016.

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