21 Venues for Chocolate Temptations in KL and Selangor

1. Chocolate Concierge in Bangsar Shopping Centre

Passionate about chocolate? So are the people behind Chocolate Concierge, a new Malaysian brand that makes its own magical cacao-adoring creations – from artisanal truffles and pralines to brittles and barks, single-origin choc coins and bars to lollies to rochers – and recently started selling them in the sweet-treats section of Jasons Food Hall in Bangsar Shopping Centre.

Address: Ground Floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre

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2. Skillet At 163 at Fraser Place

This restaurant’s founder is primarily a pastry chef who’s laboured at the likes of Surrey’s Wentworth Golf Club and taught Advanced Patisserie at KDU University College, so keep an eye on the desserts – especially the striking composition of Ghana chocolate sponge with Maldon sea salt & macadamia nuts.

Address: 163 Fraser Place, Jalan Perak

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3. Bisque Café in Damansara Perdana

A regal stack of Valrhona chocolate brownies crowns Bisque’s crusted caramel beauty whole cake, available by pre-order at Bisque. But for walk-in customers, never fear: You’ll find cacao mini-masterpieces always available, like the Michelangelo (a creamy-crispy work of chocolate-hazelnut art) & a Belgian choc brownie that supplies sheer satisfaction in its simplicity.

Address: Emerald Plaza North, Jalan PJU8/3A, Damansara Perdana

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4. Thirdwave at Bangsar South

For the ultimate flourish, check out the Sweet Benedict, an elaborately playful dessert with echoes of what Eggs Benedict look like (sort of, in the end) – crumpets layered with passion fruit mousse and decked up with a Valrhona dark chocolate sphere that’s melted at the table with a steaming-hot potion of star fruit curd, accompanied by almond soil & osmanthus poached pear.

Address: Unit 1-11, Level 1, Nexus, 59200 Bangsar South

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5. Strangers At 47 at Section 17, Petaling Jaya

A black-and-white beauty, this ‘Dark Side’ is a rich, compelling ensemble of a chocolate crepe with a dark, creamy chocolate spread plus white chocolate curls and vanilla ice cream. It’ll make chocolate devotees swoon.

Address: 47, Jalan 17/45, 46400 Petaling Jaya

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6. Bait at Bangsar

The Noir Du Blanc is chocolate addict’s fantasy come true, with six textures of chocolate partnered with gelato & honeycomb.

Address: 65 Jalan Telawi 3, 59100 Bangsar

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7. Whimsical – Artisanal Gelato at Solaris Dutamas

Possibly the darkest of this list’s delirious delights: French toast in chocolate batter with bananas, accompanied by dark chocolate gelato.

Address: D2-G3-05, Solaris Dutamas, 1, Jalan Dutamas 1

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8. Dewakan at KDU University

Smoked chocolate chantilly & chocolate ‘branches’ with nutmeg syrup & dill, plus ‘pisang goreng’ ice cream. Ravishing.

Address: Lower Ground Floor, KDU University College

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9. The Owls Café at Bukit Jalil

For the young at heart: The Milo Dinosaur waffle, which comes with dark choc ice cream, marshmallows, and coco crunch.

Address: 12-1, First Floor, Block 5, Jalil Link, Jalan Jalil 6, Bukit Jalil

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10. Cake Jalan Tiung at Shah Alam

It’ll take unbearable effort to resist this Stella Nutella hand-crafted moist chocolate cake. Alternatively, there’s also a Peanut Butter & Jelly chocolate cake that demands to be succumbed to.

Address: 31M, Jalan Tengku Ampuan Zabedah J 9/J, Section 9, Shah Alam

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11. Hubba Hubba at Lorong Ceylon

Ferrero Rocher devotees will be tantalised by the pastry-wrapped chocolate balls with hazelnuts, served warm.

Address: Ground Floor, Invito Hotel Suites, 1 Lorong Ceylon

Find: Contact details and map for Hubba Hubba

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12. Fishee Café at Bukit Jalil

The signature sweet is the Fishee Ball, a fresh cheesecake coated with Belgian dark chocolate on an Oreo base – it’s not only distinctively striking, it’s actually quite delicious.

Address: 12-20 M, Jalan Jalil Perkasa 13, Arked Esplanad Bukit Jalil

Find: Contact details and map for Fishee Coffee

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13. The Dark Gallery at MyTown Shopping Centre, Cheras

6. The Dark Gallery-min

Discover the dark, indeed: Scoops of single-origin chocolate ice cream and glasses of hot chocolate, presented in tasting flights that constitute a canvas of cocoa, showcasing Madagascan, Dominican Republic and Venezuelan varietals for an exploration of chocolate in contrasting shades of fruitiness, bitterness, acidity and intensity.

Address: L1-K-007, MyTown Shopping Centre, Jalan Cochrane, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

Find: Contact details and map for The Dark Gallery

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14. Butterfly Dessert Cafe at Sri Petaling

4. Butterfly Dessert-min

All in all, a place to hide out for sweet-toothed Sri Petaling residents, with easy-listening renditions of, say, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart wafting from the speakers.

Address: 3-1, Jalan Radin Bagus 6, Sri Petaling, 57000 WP Kuala Lumpur

Find: Contact details and map for Butterfly Dessert Cafe

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15. Acme Bar and Coffee at KLCC

Acme Bar Coffee is known for their sizzling brownie dessert, served piping hot on a hotplate, a scoop of ice cream, and a generous serving of chocolate sauce poured over it. If that doesn’t make your mouth water, I don’t know what will.

Address: The Troika, 19 Persiaran KLCC, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603-2162 2288

Website: facebook.com/acmebarcoffee

16. Beans N Beans at Petaling Jaya

Ever heard of a chocolate bingsu? This little delight contains chocolate-flavored bingsu ice, chocolate brownies, chocolate Oreo, crushed chocolate biscuit toppings, chocolate sauce, and a chocolate wafer. Decadent and indulgent!

Address: 107, Jalan SS 21/1A, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: +6017-270 3970

Website: facebook.com/Beans.Uptown

17. Creamery Boutique Ice Creams KL at Atria Shopping Centre

Specialising in lava cookies topped with ice cream, this cafe is not just for chocolate lovers, but for anyone with a sweet tooth! There are four cookies to choose from – brownies, choc-a-lot, monster matcha, and red velvet.

Address: T30, Third Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS22/23 Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: +603-7731 6222

Website: facebook.com/creamerykl

18. Le Trianon Cakes

I’m pretty sure if you imagine a chocolate cake haven this will be it. Here, you can enjoy a slice of The Trianon cake, a three-layered chocolate cake with smooth, imported, dark chocolate ganache as the top layer, a middle layer of dark chocolate praline, and crunchy biscuit base. Another favourite is The Chocolate Heaven, a moist dark chocolate cake, layered by dark imported chocolate ganache, and fully covered with a creamy bitter dark chocolate.

Address: Citta Mall and IKEA Link Basement 1, The Curve

Tel: Citta Mall – +603-7831 7592, The Curve – +603-7731 5720

Website: letrianoncakes.com

19. Salon Du Chocolat at Publika

From chocolate-drowned doughnuts to pancakes and even waffles, one can actually get into a sugar and chocolate coma here! Their specialties include their pizza waffle and chocolate molten cake.

Address: Lot 26-27, Level G2, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603-6211 2300

Website: salonduchocolat.com.my

20. Choco Loco Caffe at Solaris Dutamas

Chocolate and coffee go hand in hand in this place! Similar to the likes of Dip and Dip, and Salon Du Chocolat, what makes them special is their Famous Signature Loco Piñata, filled with fruits and other goodies!

Address: D1-G3-03 Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603-6211 1457

Website: facebook.com/chocolococaffe

21. Molten Chocolate Cafe

From pancakes to brownies, ice creams and even waffles, this place has you covered for any time of the month when the cravings kick in! There are several outlets in the whole of Malaysia, including Johor so be sure to check their website to see which is the one nearest to you!

Address: G-002, Mytown Shopping Centre, Jalan Cocorane ,55100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +603-9201 0811

Website: moltenchocolatecafe.com

*This was originally posted on July 15, 2015 by Sean Yoong.

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