It’s the Dawn of the Dons: Restaurants that deal in classic Japanese rice bowl dishes are on the rise in the Klang Valley. From Donburi to Chirashi Don, there’s nothing quite as gratifying as these traditional servings of rice heaving with a plethora of toppings, from seafood to meat to vegetables, raw or cooked – here are 15 places for Japanese soul food at its heartiest.

1. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu at Evolve Concept Mall, Ara Damansara

1. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu 2. Shitamachi Tendon Akimitsu

The Klang Valley’s first restaurant that specialises in authentic ‘tendon’ (tempura donburi) is now open, serving bowl after bowl of steamed rice heaped with battered seafood & vegetables, showered with a light soy dressing. Prepared to order by Japanese cooks who have been under the tutelage of Tokyo-based chef Tanahira Akimitsu, loaded with varying mixes of freshly deep-fried tempura that range from conger eel, large prawns, squid, oysters, & whiting fish to beni shoga pickled ginger, okra, shiitake mushrooms, eggplant & pumpkin.

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2. Uokatsu at Plaza Damas 3, Sri Hartamas

3. Uokatsu 5. Uokatsu

Uokatsu’s rice bowl recipes furnish warm, creamy comfort, resting on classic traditions of cooking. Whether it’s the Tai Meshi, blanketed with sea bream, seaweed & a raw egg, or the Mentai Rice, burnished with soft, thick strips of roe-topped omelette, this is the sort of lunch that Uokatsu’s loyalists return for over & over again.

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3. Robata Monkey at Jaya One

6. Robata Monkey 7. Robata Monkey

Robata Monkey might be best known for its slow-grilled Japanese fare, but there’s a sushi bar here as well, so customers can indulge in bowls of rice crowned with the likes of salmon sashimi & roe, or with tuna, or the classic ‘chirashi’ mixed fish variety.

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4. Hayadon at Wisma Cosway

8. Hayadon 9. Hayadon

Hayadon, with a tagline ‘Great Don, Spot On,’ has branches in Wisma Cosway & Quill City Mall, nailing the formula for fuss-free comfort fare at crowd-pleasing prices. Options like the okayodon (with simmered chicken, egg & scallions over rice) & the tender beef don make for satisfying meals, served steaming-hot with a blanket of fresh-flavoured toppings. Small wonder there’s a big lunch crowd here.

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5. Hana at Sunway Pyramid

10. Hana

Hana’s sterling donburi of vinegared rice comes draped with glistening slices of otoro, the most mouth-watering section of a tuna’s belly.

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6. Tsubohachi at Solaris Dutamas

11. Tsubohachi

Traditional ‘kamameshi’ is available at Tsubohachi – rice cooked at the table in oven pots, ideally consumed communally, transferred into smaller bowls. There’s a 20-minute wait for this to be ready, but the result is steaming-hot comfort fare, with smoky-fragrant rice crowned with, say, a seafood mix of king crab legs, scallops & salmon, or with unagi, chicken or assorted mushrooms.

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7. Prologue at Taman Paramount

12. Prologue

Prologue’s forte is no-nonsense fare that’s both well-executed & well-priced, including offerings like this gyu-yakiniku don, a rice bowl bountifully heaped with tender & tasty sliced beef.

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8. Tea Press Japanese Roasters in Damansara Uptown

13. Tea Press Japanese Roasters 14. Tea Press Japanese Roasters

This is an ideal venue for authentic ochazuke – cooked rice poured over with hot water, dashi or green tea. The version here is mackerel-topped, served with Japanese pickles, egg & simmered veggies.

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9. Yamaguchi Fish Market at Kampung Pandan

15. Yamaguchi Fish Market

The akami, sake & kampachi-laden chirashi bowl is an ideal alternative to a platter of sushi, with amaebi & ikura cast in for diversity.

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10. Hacha Mecha at TREC KL

16. Hacha Mecha

KL’s most opulent donburi costs north of RM100 – a rice bowl adorned with Blackmore Wagyu beef slices, foie gras, an onsen egg, black truffles & truffle oil.

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11. Udon Kobo Min Min at Damansara Uptown

17. Udon Kobo Min Min

Udon Kobo Min Min’s main speciality is udon, but it also has an extensive selection of donburi, which come in mini & regular portions. The Katsu Curry Don boasts a crispy-juicy breaded pork cutlet paired with a rich Japanese curry. Other rice bowl options come with salmon sashimi, pork yakiniku or vegetable kakiage.

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12. Inaho Sushi at One City Subang

18. Inaho Sushi

For hearty appetites, this bara chirashi don proves a stomach-stuffer of a high order, piled with dice-cut assorted seafood, tamago & more avocado, enveloping a big bowl of sushi rice.

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13. Aka Café at Taman Desa

19. Aka Café

It’s served on a platter instead of a bowl, but the result is similar enough – this chicken stew with carrots, potatoes & rice conveys wholesome, home-made flavours.

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14. Fukuda at Desa Sri Hartamas

20. Fukuda

This dish is a devilish delight: Steamed rice topped with sea urchin & onsen egg.

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15. Mizuiro at Bandar Menjalara

21. Mizuiro

Mizuiro’s Japanese chicken curry with rice is also less punchy than the norm, but it’s still creamy comfort food.

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