EatDrink Membership

We are offering a special EatDrink Membership, which is a highly effective, low cost way to promote your F&B outlet in the Greater KL area.

About EatDrink

EatDrink ( is an F&B media website publishing independent restaurant reviews and feature articles about places to eat and drink in the Greater KL area. This media site attracts over 100,000 Malaysian readers.

Here are some key stats about the readership:

  • Readership: 100,000+ monthly readers (view below)
  • Facebook: ~40,000 Facebook followers (view here)
  • Instagram: 9,000+ Instagram followers (view here)

Also, as indicated by Amazon’s Alexa service, EatDrink ranks in the top 1,000 websites worldwide for traffic in Malaysia.

Google Analytics Report – May 2016 Screenshot

EatDrink attracts over 100,000 monthly readers (i.e. unique ‘users’ as reported by Google Analytics).

4. EatDrink - May 2016

About Membership Package

Here are the 3 key benefits you get with the EatDrink membership. (Note: Just click the image to enlarge it.)

1. Promotional Benefits

Targeted Facebook Ads Each Month2. Facebook News Feed Ad

We will use our EatDrink Facebook page to purchase targeted ads in the Facebook News Feed to encourage people in Klang Valley to visit your outlet. This ad will link to your outlet page.


Display Ad on Each Month1. Display Ad

We’ll run a native display ad on, prompting people to consider visiting your outlet. This ad will appear run-of-site with a share of voice. The ad will link to your outlet page. To see an example of an ad on the site, visit here.


One Published Promotion Every 6 Months5. Promotion

We can publish one promotion and share it to our Facebook page within every six months. You can view an example of a promotion here.



2. Upgraded Outlet PageMembership - 8Oct2015

You also get an upgraded page, which means you have a full screen size page to make a bigger impact. You can also embed your Facebook
page into your EatDrink page, so people can see your latest updates and “Like” and “Share” your Facebook page. You can view an example of an upgraded outlet page here.


3. Trackable Performance

You can track the performance of these advertising efforts by checking the “Reads” metric, the social media activity and any comments posted on your outlet page. This “Reads” metric displays the total number of times your page has been viewed.  You can view an example of a page’s performance here. That page had less than 100 reads, no Facebook Likes, and no comment prior torunning a Membership campaign.

Membership Pricing

The membership only costs RM300 per month. All membership accounts have seen an increase in views and engagement on their page). There are two up front payment options:

  • 6-Month Option: RM1,800 + 6% GST
  • 12-Month Option (10% Discount): RM3,240 + 6% GST

If you’re interested to sign-up for a Membership, email us at [email protected] or call us at TEG (The Expat Group) at 03 2093 9539.

Note: We have very strict editorial policies. We do not and will not modify any independent restaurant reviews or feature articles under any circumstances.