Premium Marketing Options on Eat Drink

Here is an overview of our premium marketing options on Eat Drink.

1. Online Promotions & Display Ads: 50% Discount


  • Description: Promotions are published in Eat Drink’s “Articles & Promotions” section and shared to our Eat Drink Facebook page. You can view an example of a promotion published on Eat Drink here.
  • Members’ Price: RM450 (normal price: RM900)

Display Ads

  • Description: Display ads offer a powerful way to raise awareness of your outlet. Think iconic images or engaging animations.
  • Members’ Price: RM600 per 10,000 impressions (normal price: RM1,200 per 10,000 impressions)

2. Other Online Ad Products: 20%

Sponsored Story

  • Description: Sponsored stories offer an effective way to engage potential customers. The stories bridge the gap between our readers’ interests and your outlet. We actively promote the story and guarantee a minimum of 1,000 readers clicking into the story (i.e. unique users verified by Google Analytics). You receive an independent report from Google confirming the number of readers and the minimum average time spent reading the story. You can see an example of a sponsored story here.
  • Members’ Price: RM4,000 (normal price: RM5,000)

Sponsored Restaurant Review

  • Description: This offers an effective way to comprehensively communicate your outlet’s offering. The review is linked from your outlet page and the reviews section. You can view an example of a sponsored restaurant review here.
  • Members’ Price: RM2,400 (normal price: RM3,000)

Restaurant Review – Print Add-On

3. Other Online Ad Packages: 10%

6-Month Package: 

  • Description: One sponsored editorial (guaranteed minimum of 1,000 readers) plus 6 months of of display ads (guaranteed minimum of 90,000 impressions).
  • Members’ Price: RM7,680 (normal price: RM9,600)

12-Month Package: 

  • Description: One sponsored editorial (guaranteed minimum of 1,000 readers) plus 12 months of display ads (guaranteed minimum of 120,000 impressions).
  • Members Price: RM12,000 (normal price: RM15,000).

Note: All prices are subject to 6% GST.

To review the Membership details again, visit the Membership page here.

If you’re interested to sign-up for a Membership, email us at [email protected] or call us at The Expat Group at 03 2093 9539.

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