The Mad Alchemy_1

Coffee on Wheels

Folks who live or work around Bukit Jalil can now find caffeine beside the road, where one man braves the heat to ensure the people have espressos.

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Track them Down

The Mad Alchemy can currently be hunted down usually near trucks selling tau fu fa and chee cheong fun to the students of the International Medical University (IMU). Track the trail (plus opening hours, typically 10am-5pm weekdays) at The Mad Alchemy_3


The lattes taste nice, as satisfying as most that we’d savor at regular coffee bars. But this time, it’s better to have a cold beverage to beat the sultry, no-sweater weather.The Mad Alchemy_4The Mad Alchemy_5

Location Details:

The Mad Alchemy
Urbean Cafe
Lower Concourse, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Find The Mad Alchemy’s directory listing here. (Please note: current located is subject to change.)