This new Hakka kopitiam specialises in salt-baked chicken, with the free-range meat exhibiting the smooth, tender and delicately flavoured hallmarks of this widely beloved recipe (RM3.50 per 100 grams). Come for the chicken, stay for the Hakka mee, which conveys all the essential mince and crunch (RM4.50), the yong tau foo (RM1.80 per piece, with options like brinjal, bitter gourd and chilli) and house-made pork balls with salted fish and dried cuttlefish, quite textured and tasty (RM4 for three pieces in broth).

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For fans of curry mee, RM10 gets you a fully loaded portion served in two bowls, packed with fried pork belly, prawns, cockles, clams, pork skin, intestines, long beans, bean curd and mint, certain to banish hunger pangs. If you need even more cockles in your life (really, we all do), the stir-fried cockles with salted veggies (RM15) prove as competently executed as everything here.

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Location & Details

Address: 4, Jalan Kaskas, Taman Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Hours: Daily, 8am-10pm.
Tel: +6016-3311079
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