Cake Saloon is the brainchild of Malaysian sisters Sonia and Charlene, who specialise in customised cupcakes, whole cakes, chocolates and cookies. There’s an attention to detail that makes their cupcakes well worth checking out for dessert devotees – these treats taste as satisfyingly delicious as they look, ticking all the right boxes for freshness, flavours and textures.

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Delicious flavours

Possible orders include beautifully crafted vanilla cupcakes with a centre of salted egg yolk custard (relatively sweet rather than savoury), chocolate cupcakes with a frosting of green tea buttercream & a filling of green tea custard, black sesame buttercream cupcakes, and more. Moist & rich (perfect if you love your cupcakes luscious), but not overly sugary or cloying.

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Cake Saloon Malaysia

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