10 Places For Sangria & Wine-Based Cocktails in KL & Selangor

When Blake Shelton croons ‘Your lips taste like Sangria’ in his 2015 hit ‘Sangria,’ the country star brings to mind the seductive richness of the refreshing Spanish beverage made with wine & chopped fruits. Here are 10 places in the Klang Valley where customers can sip Sangria & cool down with other wine-based cocktails.

1 . Yellow Apron at Section 13, Petaling Jaya

yellow apronIdeal to counter these current scorching afternoons, there may be no better respite than Yellow Apron’s Sangria, costing a relatively reasonable RM22.50++, constructed with a choice of red or white wine.

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2. Private Room at Taman Tun Dr Ismail

private roomPrivate Room might not have Sangria on its menu (yet), but KL’s first speakeasy-style bar that focuses on wine has a whole bunch of other cocktails for lovers of vino.

Five in fact – five confidently imaginative concoctions on the list – the Retemed Demeter (Sauvignon Blanc with blood orange, pink grapefruit & sencha-infused ice cubes), Apollo’s Precious (tawny port with brandy, Grand Marnier, Pernod, cinnamon, citrus & ginger ale), Mocking Mistress (Sauvignon Blanc with Malibu, gin, kiwi, cucumber & lime), Winter Fuego (Carmenere with whisky, strawberries, mint & lemon) & Purple Venus (Pedro Ximenez with Parfait Amour, blue gin & lemongrass) – all well-balanced with mellow, pleasing nuances.

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3. Cava at Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar


Cava’s exceptionally long list of Sangria is laced with invigoratingly delicious ingredients. Red Sangrias comes in flavours like peach, cherry or honey, while white ones emerge with hints of coconut, honeydew juice, or orange juice.

Find: Contact details and map for Cava

4. Nexo at Nexus, Bangsar South

nexoGuzzle a jug of Sangria at Nexo while savouring an array of Spanish temptations, from paella to tapas.

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5. Interlude at Taman Tun Dr Ismail

interludeGet bubbly – dinners at Interlude are made more jovial with bottles of Prosecco & Cava to accompany copious servings of Sangria.

Find: Contact details and map for Interlude

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6. Palazzo Viva at Telawi, Bangsar

palazzo vivaPalazzo puts extra effort into its red & white Sangrias, preparing them with citrus fruits infused overnight with wine.

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7. Moussandra at Solaris Dutamas

moussandraMoussandra has been serving potent Sangrias for longer than most customers can remember, previously at its long-time stronghold in Bukit Bintang and currently at Solaris Dutamas.

Find: Contact details and map for Moussandra

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8. Hana at Sunway Pyramid

hanaYou might not expect to find red wine cocktails at a Japanese restaurant, but Hana thrives on blasting past expectations. Try the Taste of Shochu, a carafe that can be shared, blending sake with red wine & apple sour liquor for a reinvigorating drink that’s reminiscent of Sangria; it’s ideal to sip while savouring Hana’s excellent tofu cheesecake

Find: Contact details and map for Hana Dining + Sake Bar

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9. Bosko at Centrepoint, Bandar Utama

boskoWith bottles & bottles of red wine gracing the shelves here, it’s no surprise to find Sangria also on the menu at one of Bandar Utama’s most popular watering holes.

Find: Contact details and map for Bosko

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10. El Cerdo at Changkat Bukit Bintang

el cerdo

Let’s hear it for a true KL institution: El Cerdo has been a source of Sangria in the city’s downtown district for more than a decade, and we expect it to continue to do so for at least that much longer.

Find: Contact details and map for El Cerdo

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