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1 Cafe endeavours to entice fans of bread, pastries and cakes crafted for East Asian palates – a Malaysian-run spin-off of a Taiwanese chain, this is a comfortable hangout for residents in the Kuchai neighbourhood and carb-seeking customers from afar.

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Over 100 breads and pastries

You’ll find freshly baked temptations galore, prepared by 1 Cafe’s team in adherence to recipes originally fine-tuned in Taiwan. The repertoire comprises over 100 types of bread and pastries, with perhaps 50 available at any given time – crispy-creamy highlights lined with boiled eggs and cheese seize the limelight alongside eye-catching rose cranberry buns and even Russian-inspired ‘bread boats’ with crusty-buttery dimensions. The preservative-free offerings start from a reasonable RM2.50 apiece.

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Cakes galore

Cakes occupy a position of pride, showcased at the storefront – dozens of delights, spanning rich and moist chocolate cakes, Hokkaido-style chiffon cupcakes, matcha yoghurt or mango mousse, milk or caramel puddings, cappuccino or black sesame cakes, tiramisu, cheese tarts, and much more, with some cakes starting at RM7 per slice.

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The cafe’s friendly show-runners emphasise that they rely on quality ingredients, including French chocolate and Japanese green tea, for their creations. 1 Cafe remains opens from morning through late at night, so it works for breakfast, a light lunch, teatime or a sweet-tooth supper.

14. 1 Cafe 15. 1 Cafe


Check out the beverages as well – 1 Cafe promises a crowd-pleasing array of coffee and tea-based drinks that range from red bean lattes to Darjeeling bubble milk teas to chocolate chip coffee slushies to espressos made with Taiwanese-roasted beans (mostly from RM6 to RM9 each), customisable according to your preference of size and sugar levels.

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Takeaways are entirely possible, so customers can bring home everything from sliced wholemeal loaves to sausage rolls to yam mochi buns for their families. Membership cards are currently also offered on receipts of RM20 and above, enabling patrons to obtain discounts of up to 10 percent for their future purchases. Many thanks to 1 Cafe for having us here.

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Location & Details

1 Cafe Malaysia

52A, Jalan Kuchai Lama Maju 6, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama, Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park, Kuala Lumpur.

Open daily, 9am-1am.

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