Hailed as one of Hong Kong’s top purveyors of wonton noodles, the Mak’s Noodle family opens its first Malaysian outpost this month – Mak’s Chee at 1 Utama is helmed by HK chef Johnny Yu, a grandson-in-law of noodle patriarch Mak Woon-chi, whose recipe for these noodles has endured three generations. The brand’s history dates back to the 1920s; the Guangzhou-born Woon-chi reputedly popularised prawn wontons (instead of pork) & even served his speciality to Chiang Kai-shek at one point.

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Mak’s Chee Signature Dish

Start with the signature: Mak’s Chee strives to replicate the HK experience with a broth-filled bowl of noodles that conceal four prawn wontons beneath. It’s plain-looking when it reaches the table, but it proves memorably enjoyable. The egg noodles are distinctively firm & springy, perfect if you prefer noodles with a bite.

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The plump wontons, crafted with goldfish-shaped tails & packed with wild-caught sea prawns, are a pleasure too, supplying a convincingly juicy crunch. And the final component – the soup – is slow-cooked with a stock of dried flounder, prawn roe & pork bones; it’s clear, with mild, subtle nuances. RM12.90 nett; note that the serving is meant to be small, which Mak’s Chee says will ensure the noodles remain at their best in the bowl.

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Customise Your Bowl of Noodles

The menu is compact, but there’s room for customisation – you can choose the signature thin & smooth noodles, or the thick noodles, or the hor fun, before deciding between a soup or sauce-based recipe.

Besides the prawn wontons, there are larger suikow-style prawn dumplings enhanced with shredded mushrooms & bamboo shoots (RM14.90, accompanied by noodles with soy or oyster sauce), prawn roe powder (RM14.90, sprinkled on noodles with sesame oil) & braised five-spice beef brisket & tendons (RM13.90 with soup). You can also opt for a platter of wontons & dumplings, freshly deep-fried & crisp (RM16.90).

8. Suikow-style prawn dumplings with shredded mushrooms & bamboo shoots 9. Noodles with sesame oil and prawn row powder 10. Braised five-spice beef brisket & tendons 11. Platter of wontons & dumplings



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Location & Details

Mak’s Chee Authentic Wonton

LG311D, 1 Utama, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya. Opposite Cold Storage, New Wing

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