It makes sense that after spending five years in Christchurch, Malaysian-born Alison chose to open a New Zealand-themed restaurant after she returned home.

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Koru Cafe (the name refers to a spiral-shaped symbol in Maori art) offers a tranquil escape from the rest of Empire Damansara, with a soothingly understated decor that features a few witty nods to the Kiwis.

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New Zealand offerings

Alison says the food’s meant to represent what an NZ cafe might offer – her recommendations from the savouries display include chicken white wine pies, pastries stuffed with house-made sausage meat, & paninis packed with grilled pork bacon, eggs & hollandaise sauce.

6. Koru Cafe - chicken white wine pies 7. Koru Cafe - sausage pastry 8. Koru Cafe - grilled pork panini

Sweet treats and drinks

Sweets include mint slices, lamingtons, custard squares & pinwheel scones. We only had space for a snack, but we enjoyed the Hokey Pokey honeycomb toffee ice cream (RM5) & Anzac rolled-oat biscuit (RM4), as well as a Latte Bowl (RM15; a huge cup of coffee, with four shots of espresso!) & signature beverages like the Stupendous Kiwi (RM15; muddled kiwi fruit with mint leaves over ice) & Lemon Lime Bitters (RM15; lemon, lime & Angostura bitters).

9. Koru Cafe - mint slices 10. Koru Cafe - lamingtons 11. Koru Cafe - Hokey Pokey honecomb toffee ice cream 12. Koru Cafe - Anzac rolled oat biscuit & Espresso 13. Koru Cafe - Latte Bowl

Location & Details

Koru Cafe

125, First Floor, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open Mon-Wed, 8am-7pm, Fri-Sun, 9am-8pm.

Tel: 03-7732-6068

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