Hog heaven hidden amid hellish parking: Subang’s Burgertory is a Godsend for fans of suburban hot spots like MyBurgerLab, Burger Junkyard and Crayon Burger.


Sinning seldom gets deadlier than the Burgertory Treasure, boasting a pork patty consecrated with crunchy croutons of pork lard (!!!), murderously sufficient for an entire platter of Hokkien Mee. Only RM13 (no taxes) in a set with fries and a soft drink.Burgertory_2

For the Last Supper menu: Pork patties here come close to the Holy Grail of juiciness, transformed into burger bacchanalia when partnered with a Goliath’s portion of crab meat, cabbage, cheddar cheese, tobiko and pimento sauce (RM17). Burgertory_3


Sumo Burger (RM19). Harbors a demonic double-whammy of grass-fed beef and cheddar cheese. Offers a satisfying chew, but it could be more salaciously seasoned and perhaps complemented with savory bacon and a runny egg.Burgertory_4


The Pearly Gates await those who resist the meaty temptations above; St. Peter will hand out Mixed Grain Burgers (RM12) of chickpea-bean patties and caramelized onions.Burgertory_5


Fries are fine here; this just-right portion might be gone in sixty seconds. Burgertory_6

Burgertory opens 6pm-11pm, except Mondays, with parking outside easing after 9:30pm. It’s calm for now, but expect the crowds to flock here soon. Burgertory_7

The menu calls it “crap meat” instead of “crab meat.” Customers, forgive them; they do know what they do (as far as the main task of whipping up house-made buns and patties is concerned). Burgertory_8

Best Burger ever? Nope, but that little white lie is OK. Still recommended, for the pork burgers. Plus, the folks here are friendly, genuinely friendly.Burgertory_9Burgertory_10

Location Details:


8A (First Floor), Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya.

Find Burgertory’s directory listing here.

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