18 New Restaurants, Cafes & Bars to Visit in KL & Selangor - November 2015

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1.Palillos Spanish Yakitori


Palillos is one of 2015’s most unexpected new eateries – a Japanese-inspired joint that specialises in skewers, spearheaded by a Spanish chef who founded Changkat Bukit Bintang’s popular Pinchos tapas restaurant six years ago & professes to be a fan of Subang’s Sumi-Ka yakitori bar. Expect a harmonious marriage of Japanese gastronomy with some Spanish sensibilities – sticks of grilled quail, suckling lamb chops, octopus, Carabinero prawns & more.

Address: 18A, First Floor, Changkat Bukit Bintang

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2. Ojos Bar


Taiwanese bartenders have invaded Malaysia, & they’re playing with fire: Meet the Klang Valley’s latest speakeasy-inspired bar, hidden behind thick, heavy doors, serving striking cocktails that succeed in making a stirring impression.

Address: H-99-G, Jaya One (same row as Wendy’s, but on the other end)

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3. The Eighth Avenue


The Eighth Avenue could be this month’s first choice for customers seeking somewhere new to eat at Solaris Dutamas; married couple Vanessa & Raj have opened the kind of restaurant that KL could always use more of, with a menu that’s adventurous & appealing, buoyed by prices that feel honest & fair, plus service that’s encouragingly hands-on & personal.

Address: D2-G3-03, Solaris Dutamas

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4. Hana Dining + Sake Bar


Hana Dining + Sake Bar is now our best bet for Japanese gastronomy in Sunway Pyramid: This Malaysian spin-off of Taipei’s respected A-Plus Japanese eatery offers a surprisingly imaginative selection that’s fun to experience.

Address: OB2.G.U1, Oasis Boulevard, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid (Opposite Kim Gary)

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5. Hello By Kitchen Mafia


PJ bids a warm welcome to one of its most intriguing new eateries: Hello flaunts the East-West experiments of high-profile Malaysian chefs Johnny Fua & Sherson Lian, served in a spirited setting. The stellar chicken liver pate, blended with milk & whiskey & paired with fried bread, will be haunting our dreams.

Address: BG7, Jalan 17/13, Happy Mansion

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6. Pince & Pints


From 32 Duxton Road to 32 Telawi Street, bringing a taste of Maine & Massachusetts to Malaysia: Singapore’s Pince& Pints – one of the city-state’s biggest F&B smashes of the past year – is counting on a new legion of lobster lovers to claw their way to its first foreign spin-off, a Singaporean-Malaysian collaboration in Bangsar.

Address: 32, Jalan Telawi 5, Bangsar

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7. Shinjiro


Shinjiro is an interesting addition to Tropicana City Mall, serving izakaya-inspired fare with several adventurous twists. The setting is pretty cool, featuring floor-to-ceiling artistic flourishes that make this entire space fun to explore & photograph.

Address: G-06, Ground Floor, Tropicana City Mall

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8. Benjy Café


Subang’s residents may have warm memories of Ben & Nick’s, a casual diner that opened at the E-Tiara Apartments in 2007. The outlet was initially founded by a couple who named it after their two sons; eight years later, the torch is passed to a new generation, as Ben has taken over the restaurant & renamed it Benjy, while preserving his parents’ reputation for serving enjoyable Western fare at fair prices. Following a modest revamp to freshen the venue, this remains a cosy, welcoming eatery – the ideal neighbourhood destination for comfort food, prepared with plenty of thought & heart to deliver satisfying flavours.

Address: G-10, E-Tiara Serviced Apartments

Find: Contact details and map for Benjy Cafe

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9. Sugar & Butter by 126 Kitchen


A new secret sanctuary for sweets – chocolate cake with speculoos cookie buttercream, thyme-infused lemon cake with honey & mascarpone cheese, lemongrass crème brulee with lychee & kaffir lime leaves, & much more.

Address: Perdana View, Damansara Perdana

Find: Contact details and map for Sugar & Butter

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10. Sambal Chilli


Sambal Chilli spices up Atria’s F&B landscape with classic fare that’s been fine-tuned by a Malaysian family with many years of experience in serving Nyonya cuisine. Mei Ling & her parents have opened a friendly eatery that’s a lovely fit for this mall, offering cherished recipes meticulously prepared in a cheerful, nostalgia-infused setting.

Address: T07, Third Floor, Atria Shopping Gallery

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11. Gula Cakery


Gula Cakery is a family effort in the fullest sense: Mom & Dad prepare soul food like laksa lemak, Big Brother designed the cafe, & Kid Sister bakes the cakes.

Address: 11 Jalan Anggerik Aranda, BG31/BG, Kota Kemuning

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12. Sudo Brew


There’s time & space for both work & play at Sudo Brew, where deadline-besieged customers can pore over their spreadsheets while a tireless team of baristas pours them all the cups of cappuccino it takes to get the job done. With library-style carrels for a semblance of privacy, plus 50 Mbps WiFi for breakneck online researching, all the power points you’ll require & absolutely no desk rental fees for now, this stripped-down cafe could be a useful location to bookmark.

Address: 7 Jalan SS22/11, Damansara Jaya

Find: Contact details and map for Sudo Brew

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13. The Forking Cork


As its name suggests, The Forking Cork promises plenty of fun, with wine & whisky galore to keep our spirits high. But there’s also a serious side to this suburban bar, which doubles as a destination for entrepreneurs to connect and exchange ideas over a communal ‘social island’ table.

Address: 49, Jalan Hujan, Taman Overseas Union

Find: Contact details and map for The Forking Cork

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14. Jersey Jack Gelato


This gelato joint occupies an unexpected spot, tucked amid a row of old flats that have seen better days. Its flavours are a surprise too – salmon-&-wasabi gelato?

Address: 49, Jalan Berangan, Off Bukit Bintang

Find: Contact details and map for Jersey Jack

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15. Delirium


A new venue by the New Zealanders behind KL’s Antipodean cafes, Delirium is certain to attract an outpouring of attention in the months ahead. Its spacious setting boasts an appealing appearance, its menu showcases thoughtfully priced temptations with admirable ambitions, & its affable service team makes an appreciable effort to please.

Address: Menara Manulife

Find: Contact details and map for Delirium

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16. Hacha Mecha


Hacha Mecha is a stylish sanctum for modern Japanese fare with international inflections – for a distinctive dinner, start with the Chicken ‘Sashimi’ (crunchy-fried chicken skin & steamed meat with dashi dressing & sesame oil), followed by a decadent truffled ‘don buri’ (an immensely pleasurable rice bowl crowned with Blackmore Wagyu beef slices, foie gras, an onsen egg, black truffles & truffle oil) & an inventive dessert of watermelon slices with wasabi ice cream & a caramel crisp (the presentation is meant to evoke tuna sashimi).

Address: Electric Boulevard, TREC KL

Find: Contact details and map for Hacha Mecha

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17. Moobaan Thai


Our favourite street for food in Taman Desa welcomes the neighbourhood’s newest Thai restaurant – Moobaan Thai offers a promising mix of crowd-pleasing classics, with a kitchen helmed by a chef from Chiang Rai.

Address: 15 Jalan Bukit Desa 5, Taman Bukit Desa

Find: Contact details and map for Moobaan Thai

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18. IKKI


This cocktail bar strives to exude style & sophistication. Wide-ranging snacks such as applewood-smoked cream cheese & ox tongue skewers prove a pleasurable foil for potent potions like Her Majesty (Smirnoff Red, Monin watermelon liquor, Kwai Feh lychee liquor, house-made rosemary syrup, rosemary, fresh lime) & Haters Gonna Haig (Haig Club, Campari, salted caramel syrup, pineapple, lime).

Address: E-01-08, First Floor, Electric Boulevard, TREC KL

Find: Contact details and map for IKKI Bar

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