According to a recent study, Malaysia attracted more than two million foreign visitors in the past year. While the majority of visitors were from neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Singapore, there were also a significant number of tourists from the West.

Whereas there are a myriad elements that attract tens of thousands of tourists from different parts of the globe to Malaysia, the local cuisine and culture stand out as the top tourist attractions. One of the most popular cuisines that you should make a point of sampling on your next trip to Malaysia is the teh tarik, which is also commonly referred to as pulled tea. In comparison to regular English tea, teh tarik has a distinct taste. Maybe it`s because your everyday English tea is prepared by simply dipping a tea bag in a cup of hot water.

In order to enjoy your Malaysian tea, it is important that you select the right teatime snack to go with it. Listed below, are 5 popular Malaysian tea time dishes that you need to sample while relishing your tea:

1. Yam Cake


Yam cake is also known as kuih in Malaysia. It is not only a popular tea time snack in Malaysia, but also in Singapore. Yam cake is primarily prepared from pieces of yam and rice flour as well as dried prawns. The toppings on the Yam cake include dried prawns, deep fried shallots, chilies and spring onions.

2. Vadai


According to the locals, vadai has its origins in India. However, it has grown to become one of the most highly sought-after tea time snacks in Malaysia. This tasty doughnut is available in different sizes. Because the snack has its roots in India, do not be surprised if fresh green chili is included on the side.

3. Kuih Dadar


Your tea time snack in Malaysia is not complete if it`s minus the kuih dadar. Kuih dadar, which is also popularly known as kuih tayap, is basically a rolled crepe. The roll is flavored using the pandan juice. The filling can either be grated coconut or Malaysian palm sugar. If you are the kind of person that loves to take sweet snacks alongside their tea, you will find kuih dadar quite delightful.

4. Apam Balik


When asking for apam, it`s quite easy to be served with apom from Sri Lanka. The difference between apam balik and apom from Sri Lanka is that the latter is prepared from a mixture of flour, eggs and coconut milk. Apam balik, on the other hand, is a type of pancake that is made from a blend of sweet corn, sugar and peanuts. Therefore, make sure that the apam you are being served is the apom from Malaysia.

5. Cucur Udang


Cucur udang is the other popular Malaysian tea time snack that you might enjoy. Cucur udang, which is also commonly referred to as prawn fritters, is characterized by its crunchy crust and soft inside.

To try making some of these dishes yourself, ensure that you have the right tools. You will especially need a retailer that offers a variety of ovens and cookers to help you make tasty and delicious dishes.

First published October, 2013