Xiao By Crustz at Happy Mansion, PJ Section 17: Patisserie review

Good vibes, good desserts: After nearly seven years of nurturing her craft with home baking and corporate catering, young pastry chef Koh Xiao-Ly has launched her own patisserie with her sister – it’s a lovely parlour in Petaling Jaya’s Section 17 (with a distinctive seating space that caters more to couples than clusters), focusing on petite but elaborate French-inspired creations that illustrate its friendly founder’s flair and finesse. This is one place to check out for well-crafted sweets.

1. Xiao by Crustz 2. Xiao by Crustz 3. Xiao by Crustz

The Magnificent Seven

Xiao specialises in selections of gateau-style cakes and tarts that will evolve from time to time – highlights from her current Magnificent Seven include Le Cerf, layered with hazelnut dacquoise, moelleuex au chocolat and milk chocolate chantilly cream on a crispy-crumbly base, topped with a deer-shaped thin chocolate slice (RM16), one of the many photogenic concoctions that’ll show up on social media in the weeks to come.

4. Xiao by Crustz - Le Cerf, hazelnut and chocolate

If you’re searching for a sumptuously nuanced dessert, try Goma Goma, an eclair with pleasurably nutty accents, irresistibly punctuated with creamy sesame ganache and hazelnut mousseline (RM13).

5. Xiao by Crustz - Goma Goma eclair, sesame ganache and hazelnut mousseline

We like how some of these reveal unexpected complexities; La Vie En Rose is a delicately modulated, floral-fruity treat – sable breton shortbread cookie crust crowned with pate a choux dough stuffed with raspberry jam and sandwiched with rose chantilly (RM16).

6. Xiao by Crustz - La Vie En Rose

Also worth trying: Le Citron (RM16; an ensemble of the good stuff – sable, madeleine, vanilla lime mousse, house-made orange marmalade) and Earl Grey (RM15; a tea devotee’s dream – sable, Sacher sponge, Earl Grey bavarois and ganache).

7. Xiao by Crustz - Le Citron 8. Xiao by Crustz - Earl Grey

We have mixed sentiments about Pa Macha; the pate choux and luscious green tea creme diplomat work well together, but the final component of passion fruit jelly feels too dominantly tangy – it’s interesting to sample though (RM12).

9. Xiao by Crustz - Pa Macha

The only one we’d skip is Le Fruit (RM13), a fruit tart with creme patisserie, vanilla mousse and almond cream, which tastes relatively nondescript compared to everything else here – but it’s nevertheless still notable for its use of mint planted in Xiao’s own garden.

10. Xiao by Crustz - Le Fruit

Wash down with Yuzu or Lime fizzy beverages (RM9) and purchase a jar of house-made peanut butter or mango jam to bring home. Xiao By Crustz is a labour of love, and it’s done well enough that it deserves a following. Expect to hear more about this place.

11. Xiao by Crustz 12. Xiao by Crustz - homemade peanut butter, yuzu and lime fizz, mango jam 13. Xiao by Crustz 14. Xiao by Crustz

Location & Details

Xiao By Crustz

B-G-6, Happy Mansion, Section 17, Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Open Wed-Fri, 3pm-10pm and Sat-Sun, 12pm-6pm

Find: View Xiao by Crustz’s directory here

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