Vowing to bring on the fun and flavour for cocktail hounds, Coley is the new playground of respected bartender C.K. Kho, who’s been a stalwart of the scene for over a dozen years, earning the respect of both his peers and patrons.

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It’s no shock that seemingly everybody in KL who loves a good drink is now checking out Coley, tucked at the back of Bangsar’s DR.Inc cafe.

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C.K.’s skilled spin on the cocktail experience involves a fuss-free environment for customers – relax and rest assured that your potions will prove potent with pleasure, propped by a few potential surprises, with no shortcuts taken on the route to satisfaction.

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Current highlights comprise sip-worthy coolers for this scorcher of a month – delicious mixes with local dynamics, including London dry gin with fresh coconut water, blended whisky with home-brewed barley lemon water, silver tequila with grapefruit and kaffir lime, and vodka with vanilla, pineapple and basil. For RM20 a pop, you should have no regrets sampling them all.

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Signature cocktails of history’s famous female bartender

Coley is named for Ada ‘Coley’ Coleman, lauded as history’s most famous female bartender, heading the bar of London’s Savoy Hotel in the early 1900s. So of course, the cocktail to try here is Ada’s signature Hanky-Panky, created a century ago, crafted with Italian Vermouth, Dry Gin and Fernet-Branca, garnished with an orange peel – a compellingly balanced drink for adults, spelling sophistication without stuffiness.

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C.K. has many other concoctions in his arsenal – the key is to come here with an open mind and eager heart; on the right night, with the right person, this is one bar that’s easy to fall in love with.

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Location & Details

Coley Cocktail Bar

8 Jalan Kemuja, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Currently Tues-Sat, 5pm-1am; Sun, 12pm-6pm.

Tel: +6019 270 9179

Find: View Coley Coctail Bar’s directory here

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