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16 new restaurants, cafes and bars in KL and Selangor, April 2017

Chocolate fettuccine, udon lemak, hay ice cream - It’s no April’s Fool joke.

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10 restaurants for sourdough satisfaction in KL & Selangor

The rise of sourdough bread is cause for cheer, especially for customers who love crusty bread with a memorable tang

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6 modern eateries for memorable biryani in KL

Biryani restaurants have been part of KL’s culinary landscape for decades, but here are six relatively young eateries that also make a memorable biryani.

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18 new restaurants to visit in KL and Selangor, March 2017

From fine dining Indian food to French, Japanese, and Peranakan restaurants.

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12 restaurants for tofu temptations in KL & Selangor

Bean me up! Here are 12 venues where the humble bean curd secures star treatment. 1. Owlganic Café Tofu is a

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10 bars in Bangsar for your cocktail fix

Bar-hopping in Bangsar is hotter than ever – here’s a guide on where to discover distinctive cocktails and other pleasurable potions across this neighbourhood.

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12 camera-friendly restaurants and cafes with tasty food

Enjoy the best of both worlds at these restaurants where the food is tasty and the snapshots of the decor will be a hit on Instagram

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20 restaurants, cafes and bars to visit in KL and Selangor, February 2017

This month’s latest openings reach across the globe for inspiration, with India, China, Japan, Peru, Denmark and Italy all accounted for, and local Malaysian influences also in the mix.

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12 roast chickens to try in the Year of the Rooster

Usher in the Year of the Rooster with these dozen lip-smacking roast chicken dishes in KL and Selangor.

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9 restaurants to enjoy your Chinese New Year feast in KL and Selangor

Instead of sweating away in the kitchen to prepare a Chinese New Year feast, you can simply usher in the Year of the Rooster at one of the many restaurants offering special menus and promotions for the festive season.

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6 restaurants, cafes and bars to visit at APW Bangsar

This former printing factory in Bangsar has increasingly become a distinctive hive for F&B buzz, housing venues that hum with visitors from morning to midnight

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20 new restaurants and bars to visit in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, January 2017

With distinctive offerings that span truffle pizzas to truffle lattes, these new restaurants aim to usher in 2017 with a delicious start.

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6 places with surprisingly good food in KL and Selangor

These unassuming venues dish out some satisfyingly delicious food. 1. Rasai Machan The soulful secrets of Sri

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9 restaurants for mantou madness in KL and Selangor

Mantou maniacs may have seen their beloved buns steaming up the scene across the Klang Valley with contemporary flair and classic fluffiness.

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