What's Your Favorite Burger Place in KL or Selangor? Vote Here


Burger restaurants have become very popular in KL. We recently published a story recommending 11 burger places to try in KL and Selangor, but we also want to know your favorite burger outlets.

To do this, simply click the Like or Dislike buttons on the burger outlets below. We’ll then create a list of the 10 most popular burger places in KL and Selangor based on the total number of votes and number of likes.

Here are Some Places to Get You Started:

Note that these restaurants below are listed in no particular order.

1. MyBurger Lab

[like_vote id=10944]

2. Burger Junkyard

[like_vote id=10992]

3. KGB

[like_vote id=7362]

4.  Harley’s Burger

[like_vote id=7813]

5. The Grind Burger Bar

[like_vote id=11015]

6. Yummylicious

[like_vote id=7381]

7. The Daily Grind

[like_vote id=966]

8. GBK Go Burger Kitchen

[like_vote id=11052]

9. Burgertory

[like_vote id=11076]

10. Buns Burger

[like_vote id=6149]

Vote for More Burger Places in KL and Selangor here

Note: If you can’t find your favorite burger place in the linked directory, email us at [email protected] We’ll add it to the list and send you the link to vote for it.

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